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Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    Look Like its going to be well done....DVR will be set
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    Nice, looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads up Russ
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    Rusty, I take back every nasty thing I ever said about you here.   You defenitely have a passion for the Pats.  I remember that game as well and thought the same thing about Harris.  It's funny how we can all get so amped about a particular player and then they just disapear while many players that initially go unnoticed become stars. 

    Can't wait for the ESPN documentory on TB!
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    Sounds good, thanks for the heads up.

    for the record, I was at Billichecks 1st training camp when Tom was a rook. This was before it became a place for families and the whole Patriots experience wasnt up yet.  In fact I was allowed to bring my video camera and i believe the next year they banned them.  So basically I got Toms first nfl pass on camera...albiet in training camp, but it was a high arching floater down the left sideline that fell perfectly in the lap of " no name WR"  forgive me, I dont recall.

    So as my story goes, I still claim to be the 1st Brady supporter, as in camp 01', I started telling a friend, this Brady kid looks good. He had the swagger, the perfect height, and he was hitting all the open guys., esp the checkdowns, something that Bledsoe had always struggled with...So seeing as tho' Bledsoe dindt impress in 00', I kept telling my friend that Tom would play that year, my words " I dont know how, but this kid is gonna be playing"  my buddy responded "Drew is a warrior, he never comes out the game" and I said" its gonna have to be some sort of fluke injury but the guy needs to play"  and so when Bledsoe went down that night in N.Y.,, I was actually making calls, telling people "I told you so" while they were panicking about our season being over.  LOL, after the Colts blowout, I said this kid can take us all the way, and it just kept building after that.  This is why I have Bradys back so much...but I fear he may one day be the next Drew...but along way from there now....for the record, I was never a big Bledsoe fan, and I knew Billicheck wouldnt stick with them for long cuz he knew he was a bum from his years in N.Y. shutting him down.
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    In Response to Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN):
    Here's a trip down memory lane: Since someone in that comments section on ESPN talked about the Pats playing the 9ers in the HOF game and how the Pats felt like they chose the right guy (Brady) over Giovanni Carmazzi, after that game, in winning 20-0.... The classic story that is Montana's induction the day before with Brady seeing his first pro related action is just great theater for this backdrop.  I get chills thinking about Montana being there and Brady debuting. Two things I remember watching about that game as I left work as an intern in college and saddled up to the bar with co-workers/friends on that hot August night in 2000, having ZERO expectations for the new regime in New England: 1.  I seriously thought Raymont Harris was the RB of the future. Antowain Smith turned out to be what I thought Harris could have been.  This is is hilarious to think about now.  But, Harris looked great even if it was preseason. 2.  Brady looked like a veteran.  Obviously, you had no idea, but he sort of looked like Tom Ramsey meets Roger Staubach wearing that #12.  Not sure how else to say it, other than those are the two #12s that come to mind, especially when seeing it in a Pats uni and thinking how you'd like to see a QB possibly develop. Maybe Bob Griese as a #12, too. Brady looked like how Curtis Martin looked in 1995 when you first saw him in preseason.  Like a veteran already. Brady started his legendary career and Raymont Harris disappeared. Seems to me there was a changing of the guards in the dynasty discussion on this day: "1999 was SF's worst record since a 2-14 mark in Bill Walsh's first year as head coach in 1979. Two years later, the 49ers won the first of their five Super Bowls. "
    Posted by BBReigns

    I remember having some high hopes for Harris and thought he was looking decent in that game. Funny thing I also remember from that night was Gerry Glanville commenting on Harris not having the burst through the hole that he once had and that once a runner looses that, it never comes back. It's funny how a trained eye can catch that right away, when you sit there and think it looks good to you.

    As for Brady, I remember him rolling out after half time for a long (50 yard) pass and completion against Detroit that pre season. It was a play in which he showed pocket awareness, accuracy, arm, timing, touch and some athleticism...all the things that Bledsoe was not showing at the time.
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

      Got a question even if you set your DVR doesnt the station and the cable box have too be on? If so ESPN still gets the rating from you killa so its a lose lose situation  for you.
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    In Response to Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN):
    lippa that is incorrect, yes the cable box has to be on but it doesnt have to be cued up to that station. For example if I am recording two programs at once like say Family Guy on Cartnoon Network and the Tom Brady doc on ESPN my cable box can be on Carttoon network and also be recording on ESPN at the same time. And like I said, if I watched the Tom Brady Doc that night or the next day it would count towards their ratings but after 3 days it does not count so I will record it and watch it like 4 days after the fact and then I can feel a little better lol
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

          I would still have too say even if your watching  another show the cable box is still has the singmal to record so it should still give espn the ratings no matter what.
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    In Response to Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN):
    In Response to Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN) : I would suggest you find a new boyfriend for yourself since the one you currently have, apparently, isn't working for you. lol Phat Rex and you make a great team.  Great team.  Two aging, balding men in a basement with ice cold zimas.   Priceless.  You two enjoy spooning later today after you consummate your burgeoning love triangle. *1979 Lawrence High graduate, Stompie.  This means you are 50 in 2011. lol!! Stompie in 1979 whipping his Sr. year thesis in the basement he still resides in: And Stompie today in the basement: Looks like you lost some hair, Stompie.   Nice toy guitars you got there, too. No wonder why you couldn't hack Berklee.  lol
    Posted by BBReigns
    You know that could also be lazs evil twin brother Guido, or Valerie Bertinelli without her wig.
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    Already have this program ready to record on my DVR Tuesday night.  Can't wait!
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    if you really dont want to dvr it killa,   .  ive been posting this site for a while but it hasnt generated much interest. any movie, show, special, game, preview, etc. that has to do with football (nfl, canadian, international, arena) is available on this site.

    EDIT: looks like signups are closed now (capped at 60,000 world wide), but they constantly prune inactive accounts
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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    I wish I could say that I jumped on the Brady bandwagon right away, but I didn't really notice him until BB sent him in for Bledsoe on Mo Lewis day. Before that, he looked OK as a long-term project, but I thought he was third on the depth chart so I was somewhat shocked that BB didn't send in Huard. I thought that Huard had had a good preseason that year and had had a decent record as a spot starter in Miami. (At the time, I was in the process of moving out-of-state so I think that I missed the Niner game.)

    It was obvious right away that Brady could throw short passes much better than Bledsoe, but I was rooting for Drew to come back. I thought his experience would count down the stretch.

    I have to add this. Although I rooted for Bledsoe, I wasn't unaware of his weaknesses. The thing that bothered me most about him was that it seemed he never learned to step up in the pocket so the that the tackle could push the outside rusher around him. Iirc, he would just stand there and the tackle would guide the rusher right into him. One would think that a pro QB would learn to buy a little extra time stepping up in the pocket.

    Anyway, what sold me on Brady was the game that Bledsoe subbed for him when Brady was injured during the AFC Champoionship game against Pittsburgh, January 27, 2002. Although Bledsoe won the game in relief, all I could think about afterwards were the passes that Drew threw right to defenders that were dropped. Granted, Brady threw some INTs that season, but it never looked as if the pass was intended for the defender. Bledsoe finished 10-of-21 for 102 yards.

    Something that stands out to me about that season was Borges criticizing Brady by saying that all he could do was dink and dunk. Then he dinked and dunked his way to a Superbowl championship throwing to guys like Redmond and Wiggins. Oh, and 8th round draft choice (198) named Troy Brown.



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    Re: Killa In Trouble (Brady Doc on ESPN)

    How many folks noticed the show was not focused on ALL Brady, but, how he excelled when the others did not in spite of being more highly regarded by the football scouts and talking heads back when.  There was lots of high praises coming from folks who had nothing to gain by speaking.  Can you imagine if more players had that type of fire in them?
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