KRAFT spills the beans on PARCELLS!

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    Re: KRAFT spills the beans on PARCELLS!

    In response to COMMIE-CONTRARIAN's comment:

    LISTENED TO SOME ARCHIVE ON D AND C ABOUT A GUY writing a book about the behind the scenes stuff of coaches and organizations. all present 32 coaches participated except ONE... guess whom? yep of course our guy.. the topic was how the time in coaching impacted them with their kids and family time.. others opened up, bb wanted no part in opening up that part of his skeletons or closet. owner kraft though was way too eager. he went into the schm@ comment. asked bb how much all that spygate stff had helped him just before he wrote the 250k chck to the commisioner and bill said ZERO.. kraft was like if i'm writing this check and losing a #1 y would u do something that brought us no obvious returns? thats a SChm@ck! esp when herm edwards and others knew the cams were there. on a few, herm was seen waving and smiling at the dude filming. when it came to pacells, kraft grew testy. admitted that parcells was a total @hole to him and his family.

    kraft wanted bill to work directly with him but parcells insisted on an intermediary between the 2 of them on the plane, kraft introduced parcells to a banker who had signed off on a $170m loan, parcells kept walking and wouldnt look the guy in the eye or give him the time of the day. really hurt and belittled kraft in fron tof the owner. the same was true of bp's treatment of myra kraft and others. there was no respect.. period! as the republicans just learned, noone cares how much u know til they know how much u care. bp just assumed it was all about winning and focusing on football, not about the niceties off it.. SOCIAL is always first before winning or $. kraft said things were always tense wit them. good thing bp matured with time and reached back in and krafty was big enough to move forward from it all and stopped alienating his bosses. 

    its not that it was only about winning with parcels, its also that he is a very poor character person.

    one of the many cues of the character of a person is how you treat someone that society percieves as having less status (and especially far less status), and especially when out of the public eye.

    parcells had no respect for anyone, displaying clearly he learned very early in life that he had no respect for himself. 

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    Re: KRAFT spills the beans on PARCELLS!

    OLD NEWS. This ws discussed at length in a thread last week. Try to keep up commie.

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