Kubiak Fired

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

    I never understood how he lasted through all those those 6-10, 7-9, and 8-8 seasons. Year in and year out, they were highly touted as a breakout team, stacked with talent...only to go nowhere. Then once Manning goes down, they are finally able to grab control of a very weak division for two years. Whoop-de-do.

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

    Living in Houston I have listened to the bashing of this man for weeks. Firing him with no hope of salvaging this season was a classless move. The team has a ton of talent yet play like overpaid spoiled children. Honestly with their talent Houston would have to try to lose 10 in a row. Firing Kubiak may have saved his life as this team is enough to give anyone a stroke.

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

    Could be a suck for clowney in the works.  Watt and clowney together could make for an interesting pass rush. 

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

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    No way he quit.  Also, coaches contracts are guaranteed. NO need for severance packages.

    It has just been reported by Ian Rapoport that the Texans position is that there was a "disconnect" between Kubiak and the front office.  This is the info I was looking for.

    In short, they are throwing him under the bus, while making injury excuses, which tells me they can't even get their story straight.

    McNair said this is not a "long term rebuilding" situation and GM Rick Smith said "we need to figure out what went wrong". McNair is dumb.

    The reason why you keep losing all these close games is because your depth isn't there. It hasn't been built internally yet. The Jets made this same mistake.  You can't just skip the harder teambuilidng part.

    Rapoport then said Kubiak had some say in some recent draft picks, but they haven't had poor drafts anyway. So, this is a clear scapegoating 101 situation by McNair and Smith.  

    Smith should be fired.  He's done a poor job on salary allocation and building the back end of his roster. He is the GM, not Kubiak.  While they have a load of top end roster talent, they also don't have much depth nor has Smith made any well priced FA signings in recent years.

    I highly doubt Kubiak held a gun to SMith's head and told him to give Ed Reed that money. They basically committed more to Reed instead of just keeping GLover Quin.

    It's pretty sad that I can lay out what they did wrong, but they don't or don't claim to know what their issues are.

    The best decisions SMith has made was walking from Mario Williams (he should have tried to deal him in 2011) and picking JJ Watt.

    Watt was an easy choice, though.  Kubiak needed to go, but not like that. It makes them look bad.


    All of those type of contracts are guaranteed against firing, not against quitting. You quit and you lose everything. Otherwise folks would work a day then quit.

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:

    In response to melswitt's comment:

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:


    It's amazing how dumb RKrap is.  It doesn't matter what they say publicly. It matters what the truth is.

    Ian Rapoport said there was a disconnect between Rick Smith as the GM and Kubiak. Kubiak was given some GM power in recent years and now they're trying to imply that is why he is being let go.

    The fact is, some of their best players got hurt and they lack quality depth like most teams in this league.

    Thems the facts.

    It would also explain WHY Ed Reed was benched AFTER Wade Phillips stepped in for Kubiak. Maybe Kubiak told Smith to go get Ed Reed.

    Then again, Smith is the GM and is a big boy and needs to know how to do his job properly.

    I shouldn't know more than RIck Smith. 


    None of us should...lmao


    "The eyes don't lie"..amazing what you see on the actual playing field versus what you hear "experts" saying sometimes trying to "explain" what you just saw on the field.

    I agree.  

    It's why I sit back and smile every August and Sept when the anti-BB media tries to act like NE is fading and the haters/trolls all buy into it.  

    The media just wants to attach themself to a new, fresh team and to avoid having to compliment BB and the PAts.

    The other night Mike Mayock called the Pats the most improved team. I think what he means by that is the club is trending up.  Sure, they're dinged up on D, but the fill ins have done an admirable job.

    THe offense is now balancing itself out and playing better. What else is new? BB has a team trending up because it is built from 1-53 well, while others can't or won't try to do it.

    Dan Dierdork, during the Pats/Houston game itself, made mention of this.

    Houston just hosted NE for their home SB all giddy with their coach returning and BB and the Pats just yet again left another AFC franchise in the dust.

    I wonder if Pitt will can Tomlin?

    That's one of the reasons I like BB...he values every player on the team and builds up depth throughout the roster. If he didn't, the D would be getting shredded every game after the loss of Wilfork, Kelly, and Mayo.

    Some teams will/can try to get top heavy...and maybe it will work. However, it is much riskier because then you are banking on health and consistent production from all your top players. 

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    Re: Kubiak Fired

    They did him a huge favor firing him now. He can go home for the holidays and get paid to do it. He has a chance to get away from this train wreck of a season and continue to recuperate rather than working 80 hours a week in a lame duck job. He must be enormously relieved to get away from that. 


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    Re: Kubiak Fired

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    I never understood the point of firing a coach midseason.  It just opens you up to an assistant potentially winning a few games and then there being pressure to make said assistant the HC even if he isn't the best guy for the job.  Granted there is a snowball's chance in hell that happens with Wade, but I still think it's pointless.

    Phillips is getting an interview to be the permanent head coach. lol

    Unreal.  I blame it all on Ed Reed. lmao

    They need to can that crapball GM who doesn't understand teambuilding and salary allocation. Look at the players they've lost in recent years due to poor cap allocation (Winstone, Barwin, Quin, etc).

    I realize Arian Foster is a stud RB, but he should have traded him, fleeced whoever, and then just turned it over to Ben Tate and some other draft pick prospect or something.

    To me, an RB stud like a Peterson, Chris Johnson, Foster, etc, is a suicide to a team.  You end up being forced to pay a ton and it can really skew your formula.  WR and RB may be sexy positions, but the key is not to pay for them.

    The QB, you kind of have to pay now, which makes the drafting and player development that much more important.

    You pay Ed Reed 6 million out of desperation and to drum up excitement, but your player development and salary allocation has been poor overall off the lockout.

    I think last year was their best team and now it's going to take a turn for the worse. They should sell off their best players, get a legit GM in there and figure out what coach they want to pay.

    You gotta pay for a coach in this league.  KC finally just did it.


    If they try to trade watt I think BB should be all over that!