I posted something along similar lines earlier today.  As the game ended on Sunday, I could not help but think how dearly Moss (or any other deep threat) was missed in this game. Someone to take the "top off the defense".

Once they get an elite WR, game will open for Brady and other recievers, especailly Hernandez, and make repeats of Giants and Jets losses, hopefully less likely.

It is priority #1 of #2 this offseason imho.  Maybe even more so than a playmaking defense frontman.

The Ochocinco idea which has been floated around here many times before, I hope is not the way they go.

Ochocinco looking to hookup with Patriots?;_ylt=AtHd5NcExWu.KDvkiW0JTJtDubYF?urn=nfl-308922