Lafayette, Indiana Patriots fans.....

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    Lafayette, Indiana Patriots fans.....

    I apologize to the 99% of you that this does not apply to, but I'm trying to make one last attempt to organize a viewing party in this area.

    Living only an hour away from Lucas Oil Stadium puts me pretty deep into "hater" country, so it would be nice to descend on a local pub/eatery with some like-minded individuals. I have already "friended" and sent messages (check your profiles!) to WelkerRules and brady-is-clutch. Last call!

    Whatever happens, and wherever you end up watching the game, make sure you have a great time!
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    Re: Lafayette, Indiana Patriots fans.....

    I also am stuck dead center in HATER COUNTRY....  I find it absolutely amazing that these people say things like "Well Eli is here to protect the house that peyton built".... OF thank GOd there is a Manning in the Superbowl".   What a bunch of fools... _ PEYTON has the COLTS by the shorthairs, and won;t let go... He screwed them out of 26mil last year by not being up front... and he now has it set up so that they either need to pay him 28 mil or allow him to be a FA.  HE is everything the rest of America dislikes in greedy lying two-faced athletes.....  BTW; Peyton is NOT a Hoosier.....  Maybe he will go to New Orleans ( Brees is a FA also) and Brees will move to somewhere else.   That way Peyton can really go home.

    IPF... I still hold out hope to be going to the game..... if I don't, my crotch sniffing (like a dog) boss intends to make me work until 6:00 PM anyway..... so I can't committ to anything. Of course I may quit my job tell him to take it an shove it, and go to a game watching party anyway.....LOL