lawson ready to move on!

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    lawson ready to move on!

    Outside linebacker Manny Lawson completed his fifth season with the 49ers last year, and his contract expired without the club ever entering into talks about an extension.

    When the new league year begins, Lawson will be free to sign with any team. He told former teammate Michael Robinson on "The Real Robinson Report" that he would be happy anywhere free agency takes him.

    "Man, honestly, if I had to say where I see myself . . . I just want to play. It's simple," Lawson said. "I just want to play, want to win. I'm happy wherever that is."

    Robinson, whom the 49ers cut during camp last year, is also a scheduled free agent after spending one year with the Seattle Seahawks. While with the 49ers, Robinson regularly conducted interviews with teammates for

    In his recent interview with Lawson, Robinson described Aldon Smith, the 49ers' pick with the No. 7 overall pick, as a "carbon copy" of Lawson. (I'm not sure about that assessment. The 49ers envision Smith as a relentless pass-rusher. The club viewed Lawson as a player who was more valuable on first and second downs.)

    Robinson asked Lawson what kind of message he thought the 49ers were sending him with the selection of Smith.

    "What they're probably doing is, you know, we're getting old," said Lawson, 27. "(He's) younger talent. Me, myself, Ahmad (Brooks) and Parys (Haralson), I think all of us together have three more years there. . . . So somebody's leaving."

    Read more: 49ers notebook: Lawson discusses his future
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    Re: lawson ready to move on!

    yeah he would probably be in the 4-6 million per range, but he is one of the most consistent pass rushers in the NFL, and extremely underrated. this website has him as one of the top pressure rushers

    Top 10 Overall

    NameTeamPositionPass RushesPRP
    Tamba HaliKC3-4 OLB52414.41
    Charles JohnsonCAR4-3 DE48113.25
    Ray EdwardsMIN4-3 DE41612.98
    John AbrahamATL4-3 DE36312.67
    Lamarr WoodleyPIT3-4 OLB42712.65
    DeMarcus WareDAL3-4 OLB50912.38
    Manny LawsonSF3-4 OLB21812.04
    Cameron WakeMIA3-4 OLB44512.02
    Trent ColePHI4-3 DE50011.90
    Jason BabinTEN4-3 DE43311.89
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    Re: lawson ready to move on!" title="Permanent Link to Making the Grade – 3-4 Outside Linebackers, 2008-2010">Making the Grade – 3-4 Outside Linebackers, 2008-2010

    6. Matt Roth, Cleveland Browns

    An oft forgotten man, first as a number two to Joey Porter, and then as a member of the Browns (that’s enough to make most people forget about you). But when Roth has seen the field – and not been asked to play near enough every snap of the season (he faded in the second half of 2010) – he has produced more than his reputation would have you believe. Constantly brings pressure and helps in the run game, the soon-to-be free agent would make an excellent complement to a number of top tier, one-dimensional pass rushers (Kansas City, I’m looking at you).

    Grade: +41.4

    7. Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers

    Matthews deserves credit for making this list even though he only he has two years of service under his belt. Still, it is a little perplexing that he has garnered such a strong reputation for his pass rushing when he’s not really done it consistently (certainly not the level of the guys at the top). That’s not a knock on him, as much as it is to the perception of him against more rounded players. Still only two years in and the best is probably yet to come.

    Grade: +39.0

    8. Manny Lawson, San Francisco 49ers

    He’s not a number one type outside linebacker, and he’s not going to get to the quarterback enough to really make you take notice, but Lawson will go about his game and have an impact on what quarterbacks do. A solid two way defender, it’s a little odd to see him mentioned as a possible 4-3 candidate (unless it would be in a role similar to Kamerion Wimbley) given he’s no superstar in coverage.

    Grade: +27.9

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    Re: lawson ready to move on!

    interesting that thye put roth ahead of clay mathews. hopefully he signs with us next year then and lives up to that ranking.
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    Re: lawson ready to move on!

    i agree that roth is a better fit, but i think lawson could be great here. look at TBC in SF what he did then when he came to NE he greatly improved. maybe the same thing would happen to lawson.
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    Re: lawson ready to move on!

    You might want a backup plan if Roth signs elsewhere.  I would go after both Roth and Lawson from the start as the FA signing window will be short.  Get one of them and plug then in with Cunningham on the other side with TBC and Nitz as backups. 
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    Re: lawson ready to move on!

    Lawson is certainly a quicker better athlete, but Roth fits NE's M.O. more. Lawson will cost more most likely, and is a bit thinner, and comes from a 34 system that is less like NE's than Cleveland's.

    I don't think either is the 'end' solution, but you never know. I also tend not to put much stock in PFF's ratings. The guy who conjurs those wierd stats is some Pakistani statistician who lives in London. None of them ever make sense. I mean, seriously, if Roth and Lawson were better pash rushers than Clay Matthews, they might, I don't know, have more sacks. One season of lower production might be an anomaly, but when these other guys are getting dougle digits year in year out and guys like Roth and Lawson are topping off around 3-5 sacks a season ... the guy at PFF is obviously looking at 'noise' he doesn't know how to decipher.
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