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Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    OK LAzzz,,,
     great information, well informed, good looking prospects and you sir have done your homework.
    Here is the only problem that you are facing with these projections,
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                     BILL BELICHICK                 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just when it looks like New England can and will pull the triger on a young and hopeful Draft Prospect, Bill steps in and reminds us that we dont have a F***ING Clue!

    It's Miller Time! Yell
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Great post Laz. A LOT of info and a great deal of thought put in on this one.

    Thanks for taking the time to go into such detail.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Nice job, you have some solid prospects listed, I like Carimi, Wilkerson, Herzlich, Keiser and Leshoure a lot.

    Three of my favorite players in this class and kids that I would recommend checking out when you get a minute are:

    Brooks Reed 6-3 257 DE/OLB- Arizona

    Randall Cobb 5-11 190 WR/RB/QB/PR/KR/CB- Kentucky

    Owen Marecic 6-0 246 FB/LB- Stanford

    I really think you'll like what you see and read about them.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    You guys are awesome. I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum from Laz and Mbeau so I like reading this stuff.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Good video of Carimi going up against Adrian Clayborn. Carimi gets some good blocks in, but gets beaten by Clayborn, too. Both of these players could make good Pats.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Laz, I will look this over when I get home, so I can research the players I have no info on, and thanks for the draft info.  My question to you, being as I have the same philosophy of starting in the trenches.  I have heard this draft is deep with DE's who can play the 3-4.  Bigger stout guys around 300 lbs, that are more run stuffers but have some upside to rush.  So that being said, so you think the Pats can afford to wait till later rounds and get good value at DE and be able to concentrate on OLB and OT early in 1st round due to the lack of depth at those positions? and if so, who do you like early at the OLB spot, and whats ur impression of Costanzo? (pats type pic?)

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Laz I like it minus Herzlich, way too early for him based on last season and what he has shown lately.  Like his heart, want him in the 3rd or later, but not that early.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Agree Mord on Herzlich...great character guy, but I don't think his skills warrant an early round selection

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    Laz I like it minus Herzlich, way too early for him based on last season and what he has shown lately.  Like his heart, want him in the 3rd or later, but not that early.
    Posted by MordecaiBloodmoon

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Good stuff, good choices especially Helu and Carimi.  Wouldn't mind seeing them trade up for Von Miller. 
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class : First, GOTTA say Big Thanx to ALL of you guys ( Stompp , NY-Pats , Apdynasty , definately mbeaulieu -another draftnut in my high regards, & Rowdy )...  I worked on this freakin' thing for 5, yes 5! straight days...Had your nice comments about what I did last year RE: McCourty in January in my mind * bobbysu (read: blame HIM), kept me goin'...barely (lmao, 5! days=Haven't even checked out Senior Bowl practice results yet).  < Special Considerations to Harley , for me not touching his e-mail yet...sorry my friend, this s#cker was/became a DAUNTING thorn in my side: Checking, RE-checking, Crossing off, erasing then crossing off again lmao />   And as Peter from " Family Guy " said: " I'd Also want to thank Jesus...big guy keeps it goin' up there; Oh, and I guess, I'd like ta thank Satan too, because without Satan, Jesus'd be outta a job & probably go insane from boredom, probably blow-his freakin' brain out...there's Jesus, always mindin' the fence makin' sure that bad dude doesn't come back, just mindin' the ole fence ."       ~ And well, As ya can sorta see, I sorta shortchanged my final 2 selections RE: The " Questions " and " Considerations " aspects by 5th day, MIDNIGHT last night lol (although, STILL so wnamoured w/ Demarco Murray's skills @ RB minus the Injury Concerns, and was also pretty high on Chimdi Chekwa @ CB and thought I'd add somewhere, a couple of mid-late round OG/OT prospects in Stephen Schilling and Andrew Jackson (later, I might add this to above)... ...alright, enough with my ridiculous, & very warranted, courage & determination through pain, strife, & great adversity in order to achieve some uniquely unsurpassed creation, something that is, and really sorta  should be highly regarded & esteemed as brilliant (but probably not worshipped)- within the history of mankind.  Like I said, it'd be ridiculous, if one thinks my work here should be lauded as anything more than this...  Now mordecai ....I agree.  AND strangely enough, the ONLY 2 of my chosen Prospects which Trully Worry Me, just happen to be 2 out of the 3 of my Top 3 Selections (and that ain't good lol):  Mark Herzlich and Muhammad Wilkerson .  THESE guys, I simply don't feel AS taken with as I do w/ Gabe Carimi , Roy Helu , Jalil Brown , and Greg Salas ... RE : Wilkerson ...SO hard (as ANY NFL Drafter would certainly empathize with)-         ~ When you're almost pigeonholed into trully NEEDING to fill a certain position on the field, no If's, And's or But's about it: ("We NEED a guy at THIS spot!" "WHO?!?" "Jesus, SOME-one for god's sake!").  This position obviously: 3-4 Defensive End.  Simply utterly critical that New England gets a seriously SOLID big-boy up front @ DE...They desperately NEED it imo, and This position is targeted and gone w/ ANY decent enough prospect, QUICK and Early...  Wilkerson's Pro-Day and especially His Combine Numbers and Combine Interview will be MONUMENTAL in his, or not in his favor:  Size/Speed/Skill-set: Still concerns for me in terms of him playing for Temple, against less heralded competition/ /And Mindset: Wasn't ENTIRELY sold, and one NEEDS to be on a 1st rder...       Since we'll never really now, until after the draft, I Nominate MYSELF to conduct the Interview on Muhammad Wilkerson for The Patriots (and boy, he better be ready, 'cause I'd quit my job, and work 12 hours a day on testing EVERYthing about him, Hope he can set 2-3 days aside for NE's Interview come Combine);  RE : Mark Herzlich ...Injuries man, Obviously not the sum total because he appeared to be built like a rock...Ewings Sarcoma: Cancer baby, not a real good joke ever, And not what ya tend ta target with Overall Pick #33, no matter HOW good a player is.       ~ Enough said:  Here, I'd do my best to get Herzlich checked out by the Big Boys: Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary & Joseph...if God almighty happens to chime in, I'd consider moving back IN-to Rd #1 from that first selection of Rd #2...  
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    OK LAZZZ,,,,
    First let me say I thoroughly enjoy being a clown in here just to shake things up, but I must say I have always over the years enjoyed your coverage of the pre draft days.....
    If Bill Belichick doesnt learn from your findings, research and observations I am going to print this S**T out and jam it up his Azzzz!
    I LOVE the pre draft excitement, living here in Florida we get all the college coverage and the standout draft prospects. (Miami Dolphin Fans I feel so sorry for, they have turned the orginization on its head)

    Anyway my old friend, KEEP UP your good work, it is not in vain.

    Hopefully the New England fan base will be as happy with this up coming draft as they were with last years.
    Great health to you and the blessings of Cheerleaders in short skirts!!!

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    Demarco Murray : ...THIS is What a bona fide 1st rd talent should look like: Fantastic speed, UNreal instincts and change of direction skills...just GREAT field vision imo, AND he's a great pass-catcher, very fluid w/ soft hands w/out losing speed=Game-Breaker...yup, 328 Injuries thus far in College.
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Holy *$%^&*$@^!!!!

    Great video. That is killing speed. BB will never buy us this shiny beautiful toy. Maybe he'll sign him after 5 years at Detroit., if he survives.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    Laz I like it minus Herzlich, way too early for him based on last season and what he has shown lately.  Like his heart, want him in the 3rd or later, but not that early.
    Posted by MordecaiBloodmoon

    i am with mord on herzlich. i'd like someone bigger than that at olb. but i do not believe ths matters. i believe that of all the picks bb has, #33 is the most likely to be traded.

    other than that, i like carimi at 17, wilkerson at 28 (if his play vs penn whih is in youtube is really what he's like, then i think he'll be as good as but stronger than watt), and helu. i do not know the wr from hawaii.

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    I'll take your word on Herzlich,

    but he played in a mediocre conference - the A.C.C. is still ahead of the W.A.C. and the M.W.C., but has fallen even with the M.A.C. in terms of the quality of the competition (i.e. playing against top college talent and programs from week to week) -

    and he's undersized at 240 pounds when the Pats demand outside linebackers who are strong enough to set the edge.

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    nice job Laz. wilkerson or watt i would love to see at 28.  Carami is a beast and would make a fine addition to the pats OL but at 17? I think he could slide to 28 with the other 4 top OT prospects.  I think we should go DE at #17 such as jordan or watt and then get our OLB at 33.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    Laz and all, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.  I started my draft research really early this year, basically watching every game I could all season.  I feel I have a pretty good grasp on most of the top 125 where we have 7 picks.  This year I also spent a lot of time studying other team needs and positional depth in the draft.  There are 18 teams needing a starting OT.  This position will be 3rd most in demand behind OG where 21 teams need a starter and OLB where 20 teams need a starter.

    If we want one of the elite 3 LTs in this draft we pretty much MUST select one at 17.  I have them ranked a little differently than Laz.  I have Castonzo, Carimi then Solder.  If we accept the premise that no OT will go before #6, which should be the case because none of these guys are top 6 talents, then the first team with a need and a stated strong leaning towards an OT is Dallas at #9, then Washington at #10.  I think Dallas will likely pull the trigger on one of these guys but Washington will likely to a QB, if a good one is left, or AJ Green, if he slips this far over an OT.  Even assuming Washington also take an OT, luckily for the Pats none of the teams picking between 11 and 16 need an OT.  After 17 you have NYG (19), KC (21), IND (22), and SEA (25) all with OTs as their biggest need.  Because of this dynamic, if the Pats want one of the top 3, they MUST use pick 17 to ensure they get one and hope none of the teams below trade ahead of them.  For this reason, I agree 100% with Laz, Gabe Carimi should be our choice at 17.

    The draft is loaded with DE talent, especially 34 DE talent.  There are 16 teams needing starting DE and 13 in my top 125.  My two favorite choices for the Pats are Cameron Jordan or JJ WattIs there a chance for either of them to fall to 28?  The first 4 teams drafting have strong DE needs, CAR (1), DEN (2), BUF (3), CIN (4).  Then you have CLE (6), DAL (9) but we have OT going there, MIN (12), JAX (16), SD (18), TB (20), NO (24) and ATL (27).  Bowers won't get out of the top 4 and neither will Fairley.  CLE will likely take Green since WR is also a huge need.  Kerrigan will likely go to the first 43 DE needy team, MIN perhaps at 12.  Dareus is likely not getting past SF at 7. 

    I think we make it to 16 with Jordan, Watt, Heyward, and Clayborn still on the board.  JAX must go DE at this point because their other top needs are QB, TE, ILB, FS and SS.  Unless there is a Cam Newton or someone like that, DE is the only position that makes sense since they are no first round worthy picks at ILB, TE or S.  JAX is a 4-3 team and Robert Quinn should look pretty attractive to them.  This takes us to SD (18), TB (20), NO (24) and ATL (27).  I think SD without a doubt will take one of the 4 aforementioned.  As a 3-4 team I would think either Watt or Jordan go here.  TB should be leaning RB and may have their choice is Miami doesn't draft one.  NO as a 4-3 team might favor Heyward or Clayborn over whichever is left from Watt/Jordan.  ATL is also a 4-3 team so they would likely favor the one NO doesn't take.  So, yes, there is an outside chance of either Jordan or Watt making it to 28.  Now Watt and Jordan can also play 4-3 DE so we would increase our odds greatly if we were to trade ahead of NO with either TB(20), KC(21), or IND(23).  Of these teams TB risks nothing moving back to 28 as they can still get the best RB there.  The cost to move up to 20 would be our pick 74 with maybe a late round pick coming back.  I'd be inclined to roll the dice at stay at 28.  So, my choice at 28 would be either JJ Watt or Cameron Jordan, whichever is there.

    We still need to address OLB and OG.  33 is not early for an OG this year.  I project Pouncey will go to the Steelers at the end of Round 1.  My next highest rated player, Wisniewski will go to either CLE or WAS in the 2nd round as both teams have high needs at OG and C.  At 33, I really favor moving back.  We have the top pick of the 2nd day with all night to wheel and deal.  One of the top OLB prospects, Miller, Smith, Ayers and Houston might be there.  Miller and Smith will be gone but I'm not so sure about Ayers and Houston.  Still, I'm not sold on either.  I believe Brooks Reed represents similiar potential and could be had further down the board.  So, my plan would be to trade down and land John Moffitt or Danny Watkins.  Schilling and Rackley would be my back up plans in the 3rd round if we miss out on both of these guys.  Either HOU (43) or MIN (44) would make sense because there are a slew of teams needing OG after this.  DET (44), DEN (46), STL (47) and OAK (48) have big OG needs.  Best case we could move back to 43 and pick up a 4th and possibly 6th rounder.  In any event, John Moffitt would be my next selection.  I just love the idea of keeping him with Carimi.  Moffitt is big, mean and nasty in the mold of Mankins and he can play center. 

    With Pick 60 and 74 we must find a pass rusher from the 2nd level.  Any time you convert a DE to 3-4 OLB, it takes time for the transition.  I think here is a case where we have the picks and should take 2 speed edge rushers that might be able to stand up hoping to hit on one of them.  There are 3 guys that interest me, Dontay Moch, Brooks Reed and KJ Wright.  I know Moch is extremely undersized to play 3-4 OLB but he has once in a decade speed.  If he is used situationally, on 3rd down as a 4-3 edge rusher, he would be in his comfort zone.  BB with his multiple sets and pre snap movement can put Moch anywhere on the field and get pressure from him.  Moch could be a beast as a gunner on special teams allowing us to get rid of Slater.  My choice at 60 is Dontay Moch, hands down. 

    At 74, I take either Brooks Reed or KJ Wright.  Reed is the better pass rusher but he is a DE conversion type where Wright is an excellent OLB already.  He flies to the ball, is solid against the run and the quicker of the two and probably most ready to play 3-4 OLB.  It would be a tough choice so for now I'll say either Brooks Reed or KJ Wright at 74.

    Pick 92 is the perfect spot for either a RB or WR.  Both positions are extremely deep and team needs are weak for both positions.  There are 16 WR and 16 RBs that are in my top 125 but only 9 teams need a WR and 10 need a RB.  Most of these teams will wait if they are smart knowing these facts until rounds 3-5 because this is the value spot for these positions.  Cutting Slater opens up a spot at WR.  At 92 several of these players should be there regardless of where they are rated.  Hankerson, Doss, Cobb, Paul, Vincent Brown, Austin Pettis and Jernigan.  After watching the Sr.B practices, I like Vincent Brown so he's my choice at 92.

    If we pull off the trade down at 33 we should be in the 107 range plus we should have our own 4th.  Now is the time to take a pair of RBs.  I prefer one large, to move the chains and one every down back to compliment BJGE and Woody.  For big backs I like John Clay and Owen Marecic.  Marecic gives you that dual threat as a receiver and lead blocker (plus he can play a little LB) so for that reason alone, I would take Owen Marecic at 107

    At 124 I would take the best of the rest from the group of Delone Carter, Jacquizz Rodgers, Shane Vereen, Jamie Harper, Kendall Hunter, Bilal Powell, Evan Royster, Noel Devine, or Anthony Allen.  Many of you might be shocked at this but I think there is a really solid chance that half of these guys could still be on the board this late.  Of the group my favorite choices would be Kendall Hunter or Bilal Powell.  So, at 124ish, I'm taking either Kendall Hunter or Bilal Powell.

    To summarize:

    #17 OT Gabe Carimi - Wisconsin
    #28 DE JJ Watt - Wisconsin or Cameron Jordan - Cal
    #43 OG John Moffitt - Wisconsin or Danny Watkins - Baylor

    #60 DE/OLB Dontay Moch - Nevada

    #74 OLB KJ Wright - Miss St or Brooks Reed - Arizona

    #92 WR Vincent Brown - SDSU
    #107 FB Owen Marecic - Stanford
    #124 RB Bilal Powell - Lousiville or Kendall Hunter - Okla St

    Now for the kicker, Bill Belichick is spending some quality time in Hawaii this week.  There is a certain CB looking for a new home.  I'm hoping the two of them are bonding.  If we have a draft like this, certain players become expendable.  Guys like TBC, Slater, Light, of course Morris and Taylor, Mike Wright could be cleared out.  Leigh Bodden could be traded perhaps to the Raiders because they are losing someone that hopefully BB is bonding with right now.  The cash saved from the above moves paves the way for the signing of Nnamdi Asomugha.

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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    As far as I'm concerned, the above mock of yours would be just about ideal.  Nice work!
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    Faucet- As far as I'm concerned, the above mock of yours would be just about ideal.  Nice work!
    Posted by Wazzu-wheatfarmer

    Thanks, it's fun to dream.  I wonder if we should be trying to get Miller or Jordan though and come back with a RT later?
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    To ALL : Let's get started, shall We? MY CREDENTIALS :      I've been following The NFL Draft for roughly 10 years now...And "by following",  I mean that for  me, along with a few select others here @ BDC, The NFL Draft is a 365 day a year love-affair, that is quite honestly, more enjoyable than The Superbowl (seriously).  IF you want some further evidence RE: My Draft knowledge, and skill, There ARE some posters on here who can still recall that I dedicated an entire thread (whiich I NEVER have done prior), to whom I believed (and why), Was the very best Cornerback by far, from the '10 Draft Class (...and he WAS).  Honestly though, I'm NOT puffing my chest out here, I'm merely sharing with the rest'a you ALL, a few select Draft Prospects whom I believe are trully (or "can be") exceptional quality players (and who WILL rise up NFL Team Draft Boards as the Draft nears); Guys whom I hope The Patriots take a strong look at for Our Team.... MY PREMISE :             #1 /> My Overall Premise RE: Positional Selection, is twofold:  I would (in an ideal NFL Draft), trully like for the FIRST of NE's Draft Selections, to be targeted & built, As they say, "From the trenches on out."  NE NEEDS, now more than ever, Harder, Younger, and RE-vamped lineman, On BOTH sides of the ball, Defensively AND Offensively...  The general reasons here, being that I (along with most), believe that the game is either Won OR Lost, right at The Line of Scrimmage...right at the front-line of the battlefield.  The specific reasons as well, being just as obvious RE: The Patriots Team itself...  ~ Offensively, I believe Sebastian Vollmer is the ONLY Offensivelineman, under 30 years of age...  And Logan Mankins is right @ 30 (and still a big ? still on his future with NE).  Further, NE has a grand total of a whopping 3! Offensive Tackles on roster (and 2 are on the field as the starters)... ~ Defensively, NE now has a few D-Lineman...BUT, in NO way (as evidenced as the season wore on)-do they have enough.  AND, in NO way does NE have ANY number of "Impact Defensivelineman."  Remember the days when Ty Warren was a wink-link to the Front 3 starters, and when Jarvis Green was a pretty decent enough sub?  TO-day, these 2 would be hailed as SUPER-stars compared to whom NE currently has @ the Defensive End spot...      #2 > HERE, Is My Overall Premise RE: Player Selection...and by this I mean, WHAT qualities exactly, Do I look for in an NFL Prospect.  Now, as evidenced by an awful lull, In what I'll generally say were the 2005 (or '06)-2008 NE NFL Draft Classes, it appeared to me (I wrote a thread about it a year or so ago), THAT in many ways, Bill Belichick cut-short the "Overall Player Skill" aspect far, Farrrr too much...  Bill Belichick jumped over vastly better prospects (talent-wise), and did scores of multi-round "Reaches" for NFL Prospects who were considerably less-skilled, yet Prospects, who wre simply loaded with what's known as "Intangibles."  These NFL Prospects were "Bill-Belichick-type-of-guys"...Men who were "team players," and "selfless," and "studious."  Unfortunately Imho, BB amazingly OVER-emphasized those "Intangibles" in place of ANY "Tangible" qualities...  In my case here, I am looking for NFL Prospects who BEST emphasize ALL of these qualities, BOTH Tangible AND Intangible...      Specifically now, For MY NFL NE Patriot Prospects, to incredibly OVER-simplify, I want the following 5 Attributes out of a guy is the following ( BIG Key : I want none more than any other ): ~ Player Skill (including mainly here, "Team-fit" AND "Untapped and/or Rising Potential") ~ Ferocity ("on field passion") ~ Fantastic Instincts ("nose-for-the-ball")        ~ Physical Attributes ("Size, Speed," etc) ~ Care (lol, yes "care"-I want a player who's a good teammate, has great work ethic, even a good community, who actually LOVES the game of Football  *same thing btw, which made me target Devin McCourty over a year ago) **Final Note:       Foremost , I apologize If some of these prospects I've chosen have been discussed already; I'm pretty certain that I've yet to read 1 single Draft Thread on this BDC Board in a long, long tiime (and I'm certainly not reading that entire 96 page one)...       Secondly , and most importantly, RE: My selections themselves, THIS is How one should Read It:  NOW, The first prospect given PER Position, IS whom I'd like NE to target (AND Positionally, WHAT I'd like NE to target in this order); I then offer 1-2 prospects per position, who I've chosen MY prospect ahead of and WHY...along with 1 last later round (further down on draft boards)-Prospect to keep an eye on.  Finally, and either way, I expect a great number of these selections of mine to improve their Draft Stock during upcoming months (and specifically, after the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine)... Without further ado (just 5 pages worth), HERE are Laz's Hot Prospects... <<FIRST Position>> :  Offensive Tackle Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 1st Round, Selection #17? ~ GABE CARIMI : 6'7, 323lb OT out of Wisconsin ~ RANKING (currently): Earliest-Selection #23/Latest-Selection #43 ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> The ONLY, All-unanimous All-American @ OT this season. And won The Outland Trophy for EITHER, the nation's #1 Offensive OR Defensive Lineman. Big 10 O-Lineman of the year. Won All-Academic awards for Big Ten, 4! straight seasons. Civil & Enviromental engineering major; Deeply committed to Jewish Faith. Actually RE-placed Joe Thomas, tthe #3 selection from the 2007 Draft Class; > Amazing Amount of experience for a Wisconsin program known for churning out quality O-Lineman: Played against top competition, & Started 4 straight seasons; Team Captain for 2010. Was injured 2X in College (joint injury 3 years ago, and left knee 2 years ago)-And Carimi willingly played through injuries & pain.   > When pass-blocking, Carimi protects BOTH the inside AND outside lanes equally well; Fantastic hand punch & length & nimble feet, And likes to protect his man with body & 1 hand, while ALSO knocking an edge blitzer off his intended path with other hand. Same great awareness & quickness on screens and reverses. > Elite run-blocking, As Carimi is well-developed in both upper and lower body. Uses great quickness on first step & angles to explode off ball onto his man, Then always tenacious in getting to second defender; Known to play AFTER the whistle...very confident, tough & possesses a mean streak. ~~ THE "Knock" ~~ /> Although Carimi's actually KNOWN for his fantastic run-blocking skills & strength, along with his pass-blocking nimble feet & technician-like heads up play & awareness, In some sense, The Big Worry NFL Scouts actually have on Carimi, IS exactly this...  Carimi, In playing so tenacious & specifically within an extremely run-heavy Wisconsin Badger Offense, there's NOW a worry that he might not translate to Left OT in the pros, due to size & balance worries (much centered around Wisc's offensive system, and NOT Carimi's skill)...  Guess what?  Even though I'm of the thought that Carimi can do this no prob, Right NOW, NE doesn't need him immediately too (w/ more nimble Vollmer moving to LOT)...but NE DOES need right this second, a big-bruising Right OT, to take on the bull-rushers and to deter LBs on blitz schemes (recall: size, awareness, hand-punch, & skill @ picking up extra blitzing LB)...  Carimi COMPLETELY fits Precisely what NE needs for the Right Tackle Position for their O-Line... QUESTIONS ... ~ Why NOT Anthony Castonzo (6'7 295lb OT, out of Boston College)?  Answer: Currently, imo He's the #1 OT...long gone by #17. Further, imo Carimi CAN fill IN @ LOT (if asked), yet I'm not AS certain Castonzo can do the same @ ROT. ~ Why NOT Nate Solder (6'9 310lb OT, out of Colorado)?  Answer: Currently, imo He's the #2 OT, and I believe HE'LL be gone too (maybe Carimi for that matter). Further, I'll take Carimi's 4 years starting @ LOT for Wisconsin, over Solder's 2 1/2 years AS an actual O-Tackle (converted TE). CONSIDERATIONS ... ~ Joseph Barksdale (6'5 330lb OT out of LSU) <prjctd: late 2nd-3rd> ~ Clint Boling (6'5 305lb OT/OG out of Georgia) <prjctd: late 4th-5th>  <<SECOND Position>> : 3-4 Defensive End Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 1st Round, Selection #28? ~ MUHAMMAD WILKERSON : 6'5, 302llb DT out of Temple University ~ RANKING (currently): Earliest-Selection #30/Latest-Selection #79 ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> Temple U Social Work Major active in community who's also interested in Business Administration; Promised Family & school to return to finish up his degree; Attended Hargrove Military Academy (HS); Played basketball & led HS to class championship; > All-MAC 1st team in 2009 & 2010; Started every game in 2009 & 2010; Named to 2010 Outland Trophy Watch List; Has played all over The Defensive Line (4-3 DE & DT, and has requisite size, strength & speed for 3-4 DE); Also started on D during/with the Punt & Field Goal Unit; > EQUALLY adept verses The Run AND Passing Game showing great awareness & nose for the ball (2009-61 Tackles/10.5 TFLs/7 Sacks///2010-70 Tackles/13 TFLs/9.5 Sacks)...extraordinary numbers for a DT; Also good w/ added extras (/09/'10=3 FFs + 7 PBs); > Overall has the bulk & considerable strength at point of attack as he anchors very well, while not forsaking on speed, quickness, agility, and penetration to get into backfield; Great at fighting through double-teams & stack/shedding to deliver hard hit; ~~ THE "Knock" ~~   > By far the biggest one here being that Wilkerson played against inferior competition, as Temple's part of the MAC; Yet, His Size/Speed, Instincts, Skill & Overall production (here: even against some Div 1A opponents), Are simply too hard to ignore.  Not to be redundant here, But The NFL being a "copy-cat" League, and as more & more teams switch to a 3-4 Defense, finding the very few as it was already, 6'5 300lb D-Lineman, with size, speed along with (lmao) the selfless/hard-working/adept @ run AND pass Tangibles & Intangibles, becomes nearly laughable out of the very TOP-most of every NFL Draft Class (recall: Denver moving up into the top 8 spots 2 drafts ago, to select underproducing 6'4 285lb Tyson Jackson, b/c teams are trully getting THAT desperate for prospects who can even HOPEFULLY become even a serviceable 3-4 DE?)...Muhammad Wilkerson ALREADY shows VASTLY superior qualities both on and off-field than Top 8 Selection, Tyson Jackson-2 years ago. QUESTIONS ... ~ Why NOT JJ Watt (6'6 292lb DE out of Wisconsin)?  Answer: Albeit for a less heralded team, Wilkerson is stronger, faster, and has more experience...and Watt'll be gone by #28 imo. ~ Why NOT Cameron Heyward (6'5 288lb DE out of Ohio St)?  Answer: With Farley, Dareus, Clayborn, (& probably Jordan & Bowers) undoubtedly way off the Draft Board, Heyward might be there...Looks great on paper, but has been EX-tremely inconsistant in overall production (can take games off). CONSIDERATIONS ... ~ Jarvis Jenkins (6'4 315lb DT out of Clemson) ~ Lawrence Guy (6'5 300lb DT out of Arizona St) <<THIRD Position>> : Outside Linebacker Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 2nd Round, Selection #33? ~ MARK HERZLICH :  6'4, 242lb OLB out of Boston College ~ RANKING (currently): Earliest-Selection #41/Latest-Selection #98 ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> 2008: ACC Defensive Player of the year. 1st Team All-American. Finalist for Butkus Award. 110 TTs, 6 INTs (4 retrnd for TDs), 6 more PDs, 13 TFLs, 2 FFs, 2 FRs; Top 10 Pick, until... > 2009: Diagnosed w/ Ewings Sarcoma (rare bone cancer); Underwent Chemo & had Titanium Rod placed in leg; During time, raised 100's of 1000's for cancer research, earned numerous awards for courage & outreach, still always a BC sideline fixture; Worked relentless to return early for 2010 Season, subjected himself to injury b/c still recovering (broke hand & fractured foot in preseaon); Played 1st half of season starting w/ cast on wrist/hand along w/ fractured foot; Each & every game for '10 saw his stats vastly improving across the board; Captain highly regarded by teammates, Coaches & Fans; > Freakish traits in 2 Areas in specific: Read & Diagnosis/Football IQ, And Agressive Play/Relentless Motor Always. Overall fantastic Instincts & Effort (Imo, better than ANY single OLB or DE 'tweener in far); > Prototypical 3-4 OLB Body (for either strong OR weakside): 6'4 originally 242lbs, dropped to around 230lbs, and completed Senior year trying to increase muscle mass, weighing in now @ 250lbs; Was running a 4.67 40, then dropped considerably when ill, just ran a 4.75 40 (still good-excellent); Long arms, Very strong all-around build; > Best @ Open-Field tackling; CB-like pass coverage (reads QB); Superb hands; Able to hold edge extremely well (vs run); Relentless in pursuit & Fighting through trash; Hits hard and Does NOT miss; ~~ The "Knock" ~~ /> 1 Minor, 1 Major...The minor 1 being that Herzlich has always been able to use his freakish instincts, baiting other players (O-Lineman), aggression, overall strength, speed, and leaping ability, and has NOT considerably refined a multitude (RE: several), different pass-rush moves for blitzing (seriously...THAT is the "knock", b/c everything else is simply absurd); The BIG one...yup, YOU guessed it=HEALTH.  Big-time...Last I heard, and this was about halfway through the season for Herzlich (on some interview), His Ewings, by now had only something like a 1% chance of ever occuring again in his lifetime.  STILL, Is someone w/ pure will-driven desire to be the very best (here: in a very physical sport/training, etc) + someone who had a cancer that weakened his bone structure (then, at least)=A recipe for disaster?  To me at least, He's already been checked and nodded by literally DOZENS of top docs...He gets a few dozen more nods, and he's simply too good to pass on.   QUESTIONS ... ~ Why NOT Justin Houston (6'3 258lb, out of Georgia)?  Answer: Von Miller's off the board, ET in many aspects what I don't want in Von Miller, I don't want 100X more outta Houston (even though Von Miller's overall instincts, far surpass Houston's)...  I don't want a freakish pass-rusher @ OLB...there I said it; I'll explain: I WANT an OLB with ZERO considerable deficiencies...Houston: Mediocre vs run, overall instincts, pass-defense, read & react, open-field tackling, football IQ, SUPER-Duper-UPER at Sacking...No.  It ain't gonna work in being a CONSIDERABLE liability EVERY where else in BB's D, but a great QB threat=Waste.  I WANT a younger, and even BETTER Mike Vrabel: ZERO faults, most at the vast expense of others; ~ Why NOT Jeremy Beal (6'2 268lb OLB out of Oklahoma)?  Answer: The minor "knock" on Beal, Is the EXACT same regarding Herzlich=A varied repertoire of pass-rush moves...ONLY difference is w/ Herzlich you're getting either a little-a lot better work ethic, Football IQ, Instincts, better open-field tackler, better pass-coverage, & better edge container agnst the run. CONSIDERATIONS ... ~Thomas Keiser (6'5 252lb, DE/OLB, out of Stanford) ~Steven Friday (6'4 252lb, DE/OLB out of Virginia Tech) <<FOURTH Position>> : Wide Receiver Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 2nd Round, Selection #28? ~ GREG SALAS : 6'2 208lb WR out of Hawaii ~ RANKING (currently): Earlest-Early 3rd Rd/Latest-Late 5th Rd ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> It wasn't, wasn't WAS NOT Salas's freakish production, I KNOW Hawaii's WRs have padded stats (Salas, 2009: 106 rec/1590yds/15.0 avg/8 TDs; 2010: 119 rec/1889 yds/15.9 avg/14 TDs)...Honestly wasn't. I LOVE Boise St's Austin Pettis around here, and I LOVE San Diego St's Vincent Brown around here, YET I kept, again & again coming back to Salas... Why? > Extremely High Football IQ, Smart & Terrific Overall Instincts, simply KNOWS how to get open; Senses when QB is in trouble and/or terrific at feeling soft spots in defense on given plays; > Fantastic ball skills w/ soft very reliable hands to go along w/ big, strong & tough #2 possession wr body; > Athletic, Fluid & very Durable: Will go over the middle, With excellent body control to make the acrobatic catch & take tough hit; Above average route-runner & Above average YAC; ~~ The "Knock" ~~ /> Below average speed currently at around 4.5 40; Not a vertical threat...and seems to lack that initail seperation-burst of speed: Combine will be HUGE for Salas... QUESTION ... ~ " Laz, Why NOT Runningback or Cornerback Selected Right at this spot here ":  I want to...I Really, REALLY Want To... In fact, these are my NEXT 2 positions of choice, but not here. Problem is with BOTH: I don't like ANY of the CBs, and 10X moreso, RBs here...and w/ Runningback ESPECIALLY, GOD do I ever want to. RE: Rb, I've looked at tape on ALL of them; And sheez, do I ever want an RB with the Physical Tangibles of either Daniel Thomas (6'2 228lbs) OR Mikel Leshoure (6'1 1/2 220lbs)...YET, Imo...they svck. And I DON'T WANT them TO svck. Leshoure, has ZERO open-field moves...I mean, He MIGHT, but apparently he doesn't actually USE them: Leshoure when in space, does 1 poor juke, and goes head on into the defender, AND he gets tackled/tripped up when doing so! AND he'll be gone by here. Thomas, has imo, ATROCIOUS field vision & instincts, GOD-awful...  Of ALL the tape that I've watched, Demarco Murray is by far, the most athletic, explosive, and best-pass catcher WITH FANTASTIC Instincts & Moves...yet, he's been injured 163X already, scaring the he!! outta me (If I though his 6'0 212lb body would hold w/ NE's zone-blocking doubt=Murray). CONSIDERATIONS (@ WR)... ~ Austin Pettis (6'3 205lb, out of Boise St) ~ Vincent Brown (5'11, 190lb, out of San Diego St) <<FIFTH POSITION>> :  Cornerback Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 3rd Round, Selection #10? ~ JALIL BROWN : 6'0 202lb CB out of Colorado ~ RANKING (currently): Earliest-Early Rd 4/Latest-Late Rd 5 ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> Long arms, Nice height & Thick (extremely strong) build to go along with Fluid Footwork; > Keeps eyes in backfield in order to read the Quarterback; Above Average Awareness;  > Brown is the OTHER Colorado CB (not top 3 in nation, Colorado CB, Jimmy Smiith), and thus, With teams almost afraid to target Smith's side of the field, Brown was most often poised against the oppossing teams #1 WR; > Good speed, agility, & transition when covering his man; > Best trait: Press-man Coverage (what I LOVED in McCourty); Strength to jam man @ LOS, and fluidity, speed, and awareness to recover in bump and run coverage; > Special teamer (on both sides of ball); Lauded by teammates for leadership & work ethic; Extremely firey, competitive & aggressive (w/ short memory if burned on a play); Fights through WR blocks at LOS in run-support; Extremely experienced & battle tested vs top competition & plays through pain; ~~ The "Knock" ~~ /> Biggest One: Hands (didn't make many game-altering INTS in College)...and YET, that I was The very SAME BIGGEST "knock" on McCourty @ Rutgers... <<SIXTH POSITION>> : Runningback Laz's Chosen PLAYER @ 3rd Round, Selection #28? ~ ROY HELU, Jr : 6'0 223lb RB out of Nebraska ~ RANKING (currently): Earliest-Round 4/Latest-Round 6 ~~ WHAT I Like ~~ /> Foremost? Out of ALL the tape I've seen on this nation's top RBs, NOONE hits the hole as fast AND as Hard as Helu imo... > WELL Above Average Instincts, Football IQ, EX-tremely good Awareness and Decisiveness; > Improving EACH & EVERY Season...Last Season @ Nebraska, tallied 1245 yards running, for a 6.6 avg; > Not asked to be a big passing option his final season, YET his previous 2 seasons showed that he's a very good pass-catching RB, In those 2 seasons, Had almost 40 receptions for over 400 yards;  > Fantastic body control, & extremely athletic here: Can stop, jump, contort and keep going w/ superb initial burst; > Finese runner in the body of a bruiser with Expectations yet to be fulfilled; Active off the field in community; ~~ The "Knock" ~~ /> Some People EXPECTED a Heisman year outta Helu, once a Top 3-5 Prospect...when he didn't OVER-produce exponentially, was labeled as not living up to expectations (all minor & not long however: ankle, shoulder, hamstring); Biggest Knock (imo): Even though, has played through pain, Has had some durability issues (not as much as Demarco Murray), but still...       
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    How about the readers digest version.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class : Faucet ~ Precise same thing I've wrestled with in length thus far...  Can't be any coincidence though that you and I, who follow the draft 24-7, 365, Have come to extremely similiar conclusions: Trenches on out, currently RT before DE (perhaps, better surplus of DE potential this draft year), Then OLB, Then any which way of CB, RB, & OG.  Little coincidental don't'cha think lol?  I say you, me, and mbeaulieu, stage a draft coup for NE...2005/2006-2008 Drafts with Belichick targeting Great INtangibles, still gives me nightmares (albeit '06-'08 were pretty poor draft years across the board, but wow, I mean, MANY NE terrible errs...Terrence Wheatley in Rd #2 still gives me nightmares.).  Great Drafts past 2 years (the day OF 2010, I was impressed with what they got).  We'll rule it like a Fanatical Fascist Triumvirate!
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    That would be a lot of fun...

    I thought Matt Light's comments today in the Globe were somewhat revealing.  Here's a guy who doesn't talk much publicly about his contract situation.  He makes relatively small money for LTs especially one that's been to multiple Pro Bowls.  Along with Brady, he's the last of the Pats who've played in all the Championship games (assuming Faulk and Neal are done).  I know he struggles against the speed rush but this year we had Crumpler to help him out.  Maybe the best thing to do is to sign him to a 1-2 year deal for about the same pay and take some uncertainty out of this? 

    It doesn't seem like we can get one of the elite OTs and DEs anyway but we can get a solid OG to groom one year behind Mankins unless forced into action right away.  If we tag Mankins, he would likely hold out again (although it would be crazy to not take the $11MM, since that would be more money than he's made in his whole career combined) and we will be forced to trade him.  Mankins should fetch a 2nd rounder for 2012.  A team like OAK that is on the bubble of being a play-off team, that has shown a willingness to trade future picks for immediate help, that needs an OG and is in No. Cal, where Mankins is from would seem to make a ton of sense for everyone.  

    So, looking in my crystal ball, I see a tag and traded Mankins, an extension for Light, and a retiring Neal.  Kaczur is coming back but I think he's lost his starting job.  Koppen (31) and Connolly (29) will be back but both are entering the final year of their contracts.  This looks to be the start of a 2 year transition period for the OL.

    These events, if they happen, will weaken our OL, at least in the short term.  If things unfold this way, we should consider drafting two OGs with one that can play center, but not in the first round.  We could potentially take 2 of these 3 OGs, Watkins, Hudson, Schilling or Moffitt at 60 and perhaps the other at 92.  Or we draft one who is most ready to play and get another late or undrafted like Ricky Henry or Justin Boren.  Watkins will be 27 so he should drop some for that.  I would spend a 3rd on him because we'd get 4 strong years plus a restricted year out of him.  5 years for a 3rd round pick, is about all you can hope for considering how poorly we've done in the 3rd lately, Crable, O'Connell, McKenzie.
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    Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class

    In Response to Re: Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class:
    In Response to Laz's Pre-Senior Bowl & Pre-Combine Prospect Hot List #1 for The 2011 NFL Draft Class : How about the readers digest version.
    Posted by kansaspatriot

    yes, let's have 15 separate boards for 15 separate players.  Efficient :-/