League Bias

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    Re: League Bias

    I think it's time to put spygate to bed and realize the real reason the Pats got fined as heavily as they did.

    In 2006 the owners got together during one of their meetings and decided that technology (video technology in particular along with computer technology) was getting to the point where it's effects would outweigh the contributions of the players themselves. There was a Pats Total Access show (at least I think it was a PTA) that showed a video system, the Pats developed, that would allow them to pull up all the videos of individual players from any team that had been shot by the league, the teams, the networks and by NFL Films. This allowed all their players to review the guys they were going to play that week to find tendancies and moves and then find ways to counter them. I'm sure, along with the video, all the info about that particular play was also available since you could do a search in their library for player, down and distance, time left in game and I'm sure others that they didn't show. Now that was back 2000-2003 time frame and I wouldn't doubt that the Pats software people could come up with an algorithm that could search their library for all the players on the opponents team, mash all the info together, and predict the most likely play or set of plays given the facts of the game up to that point in the game. That would probably only take a year or two to accomplish. The only problem with using this tech during the game would be processing power and speed which I'm pretty sure we still don't have yet today.

    Anyway the rest of the owners didn't like this direction technology was going in so they decided that they would take the first step and stop allowing teams to video their opponents signals. They probably did this so teams, if they persued the above technology couldn't speed up their search enough to actually use it in the game they were playing. I'm pretty sure they also started banning other things like laptops and other electronics from the sidelines. From what I've read, they never changed any rules about this but they did send out a cease and desist memo stating all teams would stop doing all this stuff in 2006.  The Pats caught the Jets taping in 2006 and probably told the league but they didn't do anything but tell the Jets to stop. Other teams also got caught in 2006 but there was no punishment. Beginning the 2007 season the League Office sent another cease and desist order. This time when the Pats got caught there was a BIG penalty to pay. But it wasn't for cheating, as the Commish was kind enough to tell everyone, it was for insubordination. The commissioner even said it was for "ignoring the memo" on national TV.

    So if you want to engage the "Cheatriots" crowd. Please let them know it wasn't cheating that got the Pats and BB fined. It was insuboardination. Plain and simple.
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    Re: League Bias

    WAAAAAAAHHHHHH.....  9-2 and in first and all you can do is cry about Denver. Oh, what about Indy and their noise?  How unfair. WAAAHHHHHH.  F'ing Baaahstan.  Everybody is against us.  You're right.  Bunch of a-holes.  thats the reason.
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