League's Best TE - Gronk or Graham?

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    Re: League's Best TE - Gronk or Graham?

    Gronkowski played 16 games in each of his first 2 years, 11 last year and none this year. Obvisouly Graham is better at this point, considering Gronk hasn't taken the field yet, no one knows when he will, and how long it will take for him to get into game shape when, and if, he does.

    I'm not convinced we haven't already seen the best of Gronk in what could turn out to be a relatively short, but brilliant NFL career. There's obviously something concerning to Dr. Andrews, and that gives me worry that the forearm still hasn't completely healed.

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    Re: League's Best TE - Gronk or Graham?

    In response to jpBsSoxFan's comment:

     Does everyone really think if and even when Gronk comes back he is magically going to save the season for them?

    The number of people who appear to believe this is alarming . . .   or it would be if we didn't have prior working knowledge of certain inhabitants of this forum.

    What I would say about Gronkowski back when he used to be a football player is that whether he was going around you or right over you, he knew and you knew that you weren't going to stop him; and in that respect I wouldn't pick anyone ahead of him if I were drafting an entire team.

    Sadly, that guy doesn't exist anymore, and the sooner Pats fan gets down with that reality the more comfortable he's going to be with the next generation of heroes.




    Either that . . .   or I am entirely wrong.