Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    I started this post. The cheap shot on Heap was dumb. Take the cheap shot out of the game, Meriweather and Chung laid down some wood on the Ravens. The Pats defense needs to play more physical football, but not with cheap shots.

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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    In other news, Julian Edelman is still not at practice.  Baltimore smacked him and now he has a concussion.  Both the Heap head stinger and the Edelman concussion happened in the fourth quarter.  At least Heap is practicing. 

    Inquiring minds want to know, was one concussion a payback for the other concussion?  I almost don't need to ask who got hit first.  This is the NFL and lots of teams have much the same attitudes about nastiness. 

    Michael Silver points out that Meriweather was fined 9% of his base salary for 2010.  How would you like it if your boss fined you all of one month's salary for something he/she encouraged you to do in the first place?  Meriweather was drafted in the first round for his nasty enforcer reputation, and players who don't perform are typically fired in the NFL.  It's a cost of doing business.  I've known schoolteachers who spend $1000 out of their own pockets on their students, but that's not 9% of their income.  Too bad the Canadian Football League doesn't pay peanuts, or else Meriweather would tell the NFL to take their job and shove it.  This fine, and not a suspension which actually hurts the team's standings, should be seen as a direct NFL attack on the player's union, a taunting of the union preparatory to a lockout.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    In Response to Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!:
    "Bumping helmets is going to happen esp in the trenches but there is a huge difference from when you are prepared for it from a couple feet away to being defenseless in the air and having someone gain momentum and drill you with force. Concussions affect you both short and long term. Something should be done to minimize it from happening." - PatsEng This is an incorrect statement. The most damage done to the brain from playing football comes from the day in and day out grind of playing football. You clearly have a big concussion off of a huge hit like that but the fact is the most damage is done from the simple act of banging heads together on a constant basis over years and years.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    This statement is only partially true in fact. The most damage is done by day to day hits but not because the hits themselves are the damaging factor. It's the actual amount of hits and repetitive nature that causes the most damage over time. However, larger hits that cause even minor concussions produce large volumes of damage all at once. Now the frequency of these types of hits is very small compared to the repetitive hits so totaled the data shows that the repetitive hits do produce more damage over a length of time. But to say the smaller repetitive hits do more damage is in fact an incorrect statement, large concussive hits produce the most damage per hit so the minimization of these hits will help the longevity of the player.

    There was actually a study done why boxers but not MMA fighters seem to have larger incidents of brain damage. The report concluded that even though MMA fighters typically receive many more hits over a career boxers sustain large force hits in greater volumes producing greater brain damage in shorter amounts of time.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    This was one of Brandon's best games as a Patriot. Anyone out there that would like to say otherwise? He made a good number of big hits, didn't give up anything deep, and missed no tackles. Other than padding the stats with an Int or Fumble Rec he couldn't of played better. I have read people saying he is invisible out there this year, not this game, he was huge.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    I read that Rodney called Brandon and told him to keep his head up and that he should learn to change his technique a bit to avoid becoming a "dirty player." What was interesting about the conversation was that Rodney told him that he had better or equal numbers as his peers but was selected to less Pro Bowls because of the "dirty player" tag that followed.

    I'll always love Rodney, period. I run into him often at the local Stoney River steakhouse and he couldn't be a nicer guy.

    I hope Brandon gets his sh!t together and plays hard but clean. I still don't think he meant to hit Heap that way; it was that perfect storm where he went up and got Heap thinking he'd get his chest and jar the ball loose but instead got his head.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    In Response to Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!:
    In Response to Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone! : My theory on this, is fans want a Rodney clone immediately.  Rodney Harrison was not a GREAT player until mid/late in his career. Since ROdney retired after 2008, fans want immediate high end results. Meriweather is like Brian Johnson replacing Bon Scott in AC/DC. Everyone really still wished Scott was alive, but Johnson certainly can hold his own. Patience, people. Patience.
    Posted by BBReigns

    Only for 1 album. "Back in Black" was gold. But, "For those about rock"  wasn't nearly as good and by the time they got to  "Fly on the wall" it was junk.
    I prefer the Keith Moon passing the torch to Kenny Jones Analogy. Although Nobody is Keith Moon, Kenny got it done.

    I will however take a couple of gold seasons from Meriweather if he can ever manage to pull it off. With the rest of the defense starting to get their collective act together he may just do it.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    In Response to Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!:
    Sure, another good analogy, although I feel the drop off is worse from Moon-- />Jones, though. Scott-- />Johnson is more of a preference thing.  Not sure there was necessarily a true drop off.  Each captured the raw energy with the vocals, but they were different. Moon was an anamoly, Jones a very good, technical drummer who was great in the Faces, so he was polished. He already had it.  Johnson had to prove he could move on from Geordie and capture what Scott did. Merriweather isn't polished yet.  Nor was Brian Johnson when he joined AC/DC.   Agreed on Fly on the Wall. Horrendous.  The production was also terrible.   Really think For Those About to Rock is incredibly underrated, though.  One year after B and B?  Pretty impressive when you consider bands' outputs today, taking 2-3 years for maybe something that is mediocre. Anyway, point taken.  I look for a prrogression with these younger players and in my opinion, #31, since 2008 when  he started at Safety, has progressed. As long as he keeps improving, by 27 or 28, he's going to be an annual All Pro.
    Posted by BBReigns

    I think defensive play is contagious. With some of these other youngsters stepping up he won't have any choice but to get better and hone his skills. I'm also impressed that he was man enough to apologize for that hit. He doesn't owe me anything but he stuck it to the team with that penalty and almost really stuck it to Heap. That shows me the guy can admit he made a mistake and doesn't know everything which means he can learn and grow. Sounds a little hokey but I think that's a big deal.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    In Response to Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!:
    As long as he stays mean I am ok with it. We dont need "nice guys" back there. The last 2 years teams have been going over the middle when ever they want. Guiys stretch out for the ball over the middle with no fear of getting lit up cause they dont respect this defense and maybe him cleaning someone's clock will send the message that you better watch yourself stretching out over the middle again this defense.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    I agree with your logic, Killa, but don't you think these stiff fines and threats of suspensions are going to have the opposite effect on those same players? Let's say the NFL just fined Brandon $15,000, which to me is much more reasonable considering Smith from the Jets paid around $7000 for laying out Welker in Week 2. If Brandon was just fined then yes, that hit a) fired up the defense (Mayo and Wilfork admitted that hit was the turning point for the defense) and b) got opposing players thinking twice about coming over the middle. BUT, with the NFL coming out and throwing around random, egregious fines and threatening to suspend players for similar hits in the future, don't you think offensive players are LESS afraid than ever before anyway? I think so. I would go across the middle even more, especially the first few weeks, knowing that all defenders will be under the most scrutiny in the past two decades.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    That hit didn't fire up the D though, that's a complete lie by Wilfork. At the time the score was 10-7 early in the 2nd. After that hit the D gave up another 10 points 7 early in the 3rd. They really didn't lock down until mid way through the 3rd way after the hit occured.


    He also wasn't looking to knock the ball out. He was watching Heap the entire time and knew he didn't have the ball before he launched himself. Matter a fact the ball was already past Heap before Meriweather had to cut before he leaped. It was a hit after the play and Meriweather wasn't aiming for the gut he was looking to knock Heap out. Look at the 42 sec mark. It clearly shows Meriweather watching Heap when the ball had gone past. It was a dirty hit on a defenseless receiver when the play was already over. There is no defending the guy.

    Also at the 1:08 mark it shows a great angle in which you can see he angled his head towards Heap. He wasn' just leaping he actually had to put an effort into turning his helmet towards Heap. If he was looking to use his helmet to hit Heaps chest then he is the stupidest player I've seen. A direct hit to Heap chest with his helmet would compress his spine and could seriously injury himself. All in all he either meant to do it on purpose or he's going to seriously hurt himself with hits like that. Either way I don't want a player to make a hit like that again for the sake of the team and other players.

    The end of the vid shows a great view of the first time he lead with his helmet towards Heaps head. His arms and shoulder were down and exploded upward with his head. Meriweather keeps leading with his helmet towards peoples heads. He's going to hurt someone and the team. Him getting suspended or giving up 15yrds is always going to hurt more then getting a big hit and an extra fumble a year. How about instead of launching he drives his shoulder into Heaps hip/side (trust me it kills) and knocks him into the ground. Sends the same message without being a cheap dirty player and without the risk of injuring the player and yourself.

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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

     I wonder which hurt him more the 50 grand or the look from BB ( basically 'get the F away from me idiot' ) when he came off the field coupled with the bench time. Giving the Ravens 15 free yards in a close game isn't a very good way to make Bill happy.
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    Re: Leave Brandon Meriweather Alone!

    let's agree to a few absolutes about the NFL:

    -it is a very physical and sometimes violent game..
    -aggressive play is the norm ....big hits are part of the entertainment factor as well as the intimidation factor

    however, there is a fine line between aggressive play and intent to injure via a hit that voilates the player safety rules laid down by the league..I was at the game Sunday and Merriweather's hit was very obvious to me as he initiated the helmet to helmet contact...a stupid and needless play.

    I am a longtime hockey ref and there is an increased focus on neck and head shots and the penalties for such have increased in severity. It has to be done at all levels because there are way too many concussions and neck injuries ...some of it is lack of proper coaching to the techniques for body checking or what some of these players consider the "intimidation" factor in hockey...or just cheap hits for the sake of it..it needs to go away...I have a brother in a wheelchair for the last 8 years ..the result of a needless hit from behind in a hockey game....this is SERIOUS STUFF..don't make any excuses for it. I like the big hits too...but they have to be clean/ within the rules..you are dealing with people's future lives ..