LeGarrette Blount signing two-year contract with Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Re: LeGarrette Blount signing two-year contract with Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Steelers gave RB LeGarrette Blount a two-year, $3.85M deal, including a $950K signing bonus.

    Spikes @ 3.25 mil for 1 year w/ a base of 1.25 mil...

    What would've kept Spikes here, if he signed a 3.25 mil prove it deal w/ Bills?  2 years @ 5 mil...?!?  3 years @ 7.40 mil?  4 years @ 9.75 mil???! 

    Sheez...for what I thought Blount & Spikes brought to the table...good grief, IF Pats FO worked these 2 into ANY sorta multi-year contract together, Could NE have kept 2 of the 22 starters on the field THIS year, for 4.5 mil combined?  Yup...for the 2014...for their respective cap hits & giving them each a multi year contract....yeeeup.

    That's st#p!d sh-#t.

    What's the team Cap #$?  Good grief...for 2 starters...good grief.  That's Early playoffs-Superbowl worthy type-junk.  Dang...sicka dvmb stuff for Huge, solid role players.  And these guys were young & already proven as B+ starters, plain and simple.  They weren't A...but they were 2 young, proven solid B+ contributors.  I hate dvmb stuff.  No "negative nancy"....no "he thinks he can do it better than belichick"...This is, 2 B+ proven starters...each 1 pain-inducing beasts towards the opposition...ugggh.  please. dvmb, dvmb, & dvmb...stop being THIS blindly cheap.  NE finally shored up their run game w/ Ridley + Blount.  NE finally shored up their middle D formidableness & really stout run game w/ Spikes & (well, mosta the same guys that they didn't quite have a stout interior unpenetrable middle w/ -Mayo, VW, etc).  I do not want st#p#d stuff giving us a 1st Rd playoff victory and No SB w/....this silly stuff makes me think progress and solidifying aspects that made us weak 2-3 years ago, a fallacy.  Don't SCR#W stuff up for silly $ after you've shored up a weakness we had within the past 2-3 years+ (or several) in the run game, & in the past 3-4 years in the run d game <minus the past 1-3 when we had these guys>.  Errrrrrgggh.  silly stout, complete, solid, pain-inducing, taking-it-to-then, Football Game stuff.  Stout stuff.  Enforcing your will on them stuff.  Early playoffs to SB stuff... Proven contributor & Impact play & momentum changing player stuff. 

    dvmb, dvmb, cheap stuff.


    Interesting that you group spikes and Blount together.    They are similar since they are both big tone-setters. 

    Size and attitude.  You can't really coach that.  These 2 guys had it and Pats let them go.  We shall see if it hurts them but I agree that this is the thing that Patriots have lacked --- then they get it ....  and it was actually working for them  (running game with Blount and Defense at beginning of year with Spikes and others healthy)  ...  kind of like it was slapping them in the face....


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    Re: LeGarrette Blount signing two-year contract with Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Good luck to him, did a decent job here...although I didn't really think we needed him back. I'm looking for an upgrade.

    Upgrade on 5.0 ypc, 750 yards and 7 td's as a split time power running back playing in a system where the 3rd down back plays 30% of the snaps?

    Might as well bring in Barry Sanders while we're at it.

    I keep asking myself who the real Blount is.  Was his nice little streak an anomoly or a sign of things to come?  I think the Pats believed it was not something that could be counted on.  I would have been happy seeing him get more than 5 carries for 6 yards in the AFCCG.

    I didn't like the Blount move when we signed him, but realized it doesn't much matter who we have back there. The run lanes are open as most D's worry about the Great One throwing on them all day. Blount for what he was couldn't really lay the lumber ala Antowain Smith, or Corey Dillion imo. With full steam ahead and top speed he was dangerous but couldn't create his own push, if that makes sense.

    However, what he did to really carry this team the end of the season cannot be down played. I wonder if Ridley could have acheived the same results given the opportunity? I think he could have, and hope he will get the chance this year.

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    Re: LeGarrette Blount signing two-year contract with Pittsburgh Steelers

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    I would have thought Blount would be worth 2 million a year,to the pats ?

         I still can't understand why the Pats let Blount go, when it would have cost a mere $2mil. per year for the next two years to keep him. Now, they'll need to either sign a veteran RB to replace him, or draft a RB.

        They've interviewed RB Michael Bush, who is somewhat of a Blount clone. I'd estimate that they'll have to spend at least $1mil., if they hope to sign him to a one year deal. 

         A to get a RB like Jeremy Hill from LSU, they'll probably have to spend a third or fourth round pick.

         Isn't a known quantity like Blount better than spending $1mil. on Bush? Isn't spending $2mil. on Blount better than spending a third or fourth round pick on a guy like Hill, plus the price to sign him?

         Let's hope this isn't another Danny Woodhead-like mistake.