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    Re: Leon....banned!!!

    Harley - No harm.  If you can take a little back, then we are both ok.  

    As to the colts, yes their DC quit when Dungy quit and I am not sure that was unexpected.  There are some who cheered his departure.  Frankly, I think Indy's poor defense was as much due to pesonnel as to him.  We will see if the new DC can improve things.  Frankly, the addition of some depth at DT and getting back healthy players should solve quite a few of the issues.  I think we may have the most D depth we've had in a long time.  

    Mudd and Moore are a new thing.  Mudd announced last week that he intended to retire (it was expected to happen next year) because the league/owners changed the pension plan without notifying the coaches.  Apparently, there are many issues with these changes and Mudd believes that his pension is jeopardized if he does not retire now.  Check Profootballtalk.com.  They have some info on it.  It's not final, but unless something is worked out Mudd will be gone.  

    Moore falls into the same catagory, except that he has yet to notify the team of his termination.  

    Mike - I think Houston is getting better.  Regardless of whether Tenn's record was a mirage, one has to believe that they have enough to be playoff worthy.  Peter King ranked them 10th.  For whatever that is worth.

    Other than the pats getting healthy, has there really been any significant change at the top of the AFC?  what other AFC team is in position to replace /> NE, Pit, Bal, Ind, Ten, SD?  Jury is still out on Miami.
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    Re: Leon....banned!!!

    I tend to agree, dogg.

    Look for the usual suspects at the end of the season.


    please . . .
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    Re: Leon....banned!!!

    Fargo - On paper, I love what the colts have done and their prospects this year.  I think they have taken care of a significant portion of their problems on the d-line.  I think poor health was their biggest issue last year (o-line, lb, rb, db).  Manning no longer will feel compelled to throw to Marvin.  In reality, I am pretty worried.  New HC does not bother me too much, but the very real possibility of the loss of both Mudd (o-line coach) and Moore (o-coordinator) combined with the loss of the Meeks (d-coordinator) is cause for concern.  I am mostly worried about the development of the O-line.  there are 3 young players there that need all of the coaching they can get.  If the o-line performs well, I think we will be good.  AFC South is getting significantly better.  Evil - glad you stand corrected.  Could I get a quarter pounder with cheese and an apple turnover?  thanks.
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    I believe you're looking for Mickey Ds. I don't burger fast food much. I much rather a good steak, cheese, mushroom and onion sub. Good subs are definately hard to find up here in upstate NY just like decent seafood.