Lessons Learned:

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    Lessons Learned:

    Lets agree that after 3of 4 SuperBowls BB has some license to experiment a bit.

    The experiment with "value players" has failed:
    Its well documented elsewhere that the mid round picks and mid level FA have not worked.

    -The Brady/Edelman low round picks are dumb luck/come once in a long while. So dont plan on them.
    -The 1st round picks are more of a sure thing: Seymour/Wilfork/Mayo/Mankins etc...

    Dont let a starter walk away with no replacement on the roster:
    Bledsoe - /> Brady --Great
    Woody - /> Koppen --good
    Milloy - /> Harrison --good
    Washington - /> Wilfork--good
    Ty Law - /> Asante --good

    Asante - /> Deltha --Bad
    Seymour- />Green --Bad
    Gafney - /> Galloway --Bad
    Branch - /> Gabriel - Bad
    Vrabel - /> Burgess --Bad

    Stud players are hard to comeby:
    - If you have them on your roster, keep them happy-pay them, dont let them walk away.(Asante, Seymour, Branch, Givens)
    --or risk paying other teams Stud players and have them bomb! on your team (Thomas/Colvin??(ok injury had a lot to do with it...but you get the point)

    Thats some of what "I" have learnt!!

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    Re: Lessons Learned:


    you could add coaches to your list.

    Crennel /> Manweenie=bad
    Manweenie /> Pees=better
    Weis />McDaniels=good
    McDaniels /> O'Brien=bad
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    Re: Lessons Learned:

    Harley, one flaw, the coaches choose to move on.  They are offered promotions with more money etc. 
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    Re: Lessons Learned:

    So what you're saying is that there have been some good roster moves and some bad roster moves.  Fascinating.  Maybe what we really need is a crystal ball that will tell us which players will pan out!
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    Re: Lessons Learned:

    So what you're saying is that there have been some good roster moves and some bad roster moves.  Fascinating.  Maybe what we really need is a crystal ball that will tell us which players will pan out!

    Take another look at the examples...all the good moves were with a player already on the roster and all bad one were for a "new" player from someone else's roster. The point being if you have a good one, why let them go?

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    Re: Lessons Learned:

    "You left some elements out - what would it have taken to keep those guys, what did we get, and what did they do after they left. 
    Asante - not worth the $, maybe Butler is that replacement
    Seymour - not much output for huge $, and we get a high first
    Branch - washout, we avoided the big $, and got a first round pick

    Vrabel was washed up, Burgess was a slight improvement

    Only Gaffney was truly regrettable."

    Encinitas and ALL:

    ~Although I agree (as it appears you do too), with the contention illustrated by this particular thread, specifically-That a fitting and adequate replacement has to be somehow procurred to make up for the loss of a given player, You Are Correct in the sense that there are other contingencies at play as well...  Namely, The Cost (as you mentioned on keeping a certain player).  Yet, There are others of which you make somewhat note of:  Seymour and Branch.  The sacrificing of what it would take in order to keep them verses The future rewards of letting them leave.  I should say "potential rewards" in the sense that We do (or did) not yet know IF a 1st rder can (could) adequately replace these 2 specific players...  Yet, It was imho a correct gamble-noting Branch was more a system and Brady product Over and Above a #1 NFL WR (and paying him as such), And Seymour being older, 1 year away from a contract re-up, and injured here in 4 of his 6 years as the second paid highest roster player...so these things made sense.

    BUT this now brings to mind Vince Wilfork, and what to do...  IMHO, and zbellino too had a trully excellent post I think is dead on, THAT VW is not a trully great 1-of-a-kind 3-4 NT...He takes up a double-team more than adequately, but in no way is he a play-maker too, someone for instance who can collapse a pocket ala Kris Jenkins, or better-Jamaal Williams.  Not to mention that The Patriots won a SB fielding the #1 rated defense in the league without a pro-bowl NT (in the form of Ted Washington)...  AND IF He wants to be paid as a top 5 D-Lineman rather than a top 5 NT, it becomes a no-brainer to let him walk. 

    YET this said, Imho-There Is NO even adequate replacement on this roster for Vince Wilfork in the forseeable future...and simply way too many holes to fill otherwise than adding a 3-4 NT along with all the rest.  It becomes overall a tough-call then whether to Franchise him (and hope for a VW non-holdout), and all the while hope Brace or someone else comes along nicely..the end result potentially being we'd eventually either have to re-sign him anyways or have to procure a good NT with one of our 3 picks in the first 2 rounds in 2011, thus forsaking more spots to shore up and having 2 critical team vets getting older (Brady/Moss).  OR Pats could sign him, and as mentioned-Eat up dollars we could spend elsewhere... 

    ~Just a tough call in all...  So much boils down to good and desperately critical vets that are aging and so have a small window of opportunity to take us to the championship, Verses NOT adding to the mass of positional holes we already need to fill by letting some of these other vet-guys walk...  Wish I had more answers here...I say SEE-Point #A1 in the first post for the best plan of action: IF N.E. has a small window for certain Star Team Vets to help us make the promised land again (i.e. Brady/Moss), And so-unless we are rebuilding BIG-Time and plan to in some miracle way, Replace even these guys (yea, right), PLEASE Belichick-TRADE-the he!!-UP in the upcoming 2 Drafts...if not even to get better overall players, than at least recognize that you as coach would have to rebuild far many more important team pieces and for far longer IF you stick with this "Drafting for Quantity" garbage... 

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    Re: Lessons Learned:

    @Laz....I think Pryor is going to be a surprise.  The guy gets it.  When he gets his chance at some PT he is usually in on most plays.  Brace...im not sure about that guy.