Let the crying begin.

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    Re: Let the crying begin.

    It was a smart move by the pats - period. 

    Regardless of the intent of the rule, the letter of the rule does not prevent the pats from doing what they did.  If they want to eliminate this from happening again they will revise the rule to state that a coach that finishes the current season with one team may not join another team until that team finishes their season. 

    Belichick doesn't care about what people think.  If he finds a loophole(or thinks he has), he will exploit it if it helps his team.  
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    Re: Let the crying begin.

    Really makes no sense. Mcdaniels could've been hired at the beginning of the year. He has gained no new knowledge of the Broncos over the past year. This move IMO is all about Mcdaniels learning the offense from Obrien this year. He has never worked with Gronk, Hernandez, Ridley, Woodhead, Waters, Solder, Vollmer, etc. it is completely new personnel based around two TE's. He now has the opportunity to hit the ground running by learning what Obrien has been tweaking for 3 years. Alot of noise about nothing.
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    Re: Let the crying begin.

    Cowboys had similar hire in '09 playoffs

    January, 9, 2012
    Jan 9
    PM ET
    Earlier today, the question was asked if the NFL should allow coaches to join other teams in the playoffs (link here), as is the case with Josh McDaniels and the Patriots.

    Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet writes on the topic, pointing out a similar situation unfolded two years ago with the Dallas Cowboys (link here). When Cowboys assistant Todd Grantham was named defensive coordinator at the University of Georgia, the Cowboys hired Paul Pasqualoni -- who had just been fired as Dolphins defensive coordinator after the 2009 season -- for the playoffs that year.

    As noted by Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas.com (link here), Grantham was the defensive line coach for the Cowboys, which was the role Pasqualoni inherited
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    Re: Let the crying begin.

    gawd this guy is a freakin moron, he is just trying to find things to b1tch about...
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    Re: Let the crying begin.

    In Response to Re: Let the crying begin.:
    In Response to Re: Let the crying begin. : You just can't leave it alone, can you?  The last sentence ruins your compliment. "loophole"? Hiring your new OC asap is a "loophole"? Your damn right BB doesn't care what people think, because he's secure with himself.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    It wasn't meant to. 

    There have been some that have said that the hiring goes outside the intent of the rule.  If that is the case then the rule wasn't well written. 

    If as someone else has said, others have done this, then its safe to assume that those saying it goes against the intent of the rule think differently than the NFL.  

    Maybe you need to be a little more secure with your patriots.  I have said many times before that I give the pats credit for their handling of the colts receivers in 2003.  They mugged the colts but put the onus on the officials to make the calls which they didn't.  Belichick gets credit for that.

    Quit trying to find the digs in everything everyone posts.