Let's Be Honest

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    Re: Let's Be Honest

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    It's fine. The Jets will win just enough to miss the playoffs and get a middle of the road draft position. 


    Come on if you think you can take us on
    You and whose army?
    You and your cronies.




    Mediocrity at its finest.


    Oh, i thought it was rebuilding on the fly.


    Why are you here...........

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    Re: Let's Be Honest


    I actually thought the Jets would win less than 5 games at one point but with the talent on their defense and stability at QB think they will grow into a decent team this year.

    The AFC EAST is not bad either, I will take one or two wins away because they play the pats and dolphins twice each. I give them more than five..yes 6 wins is what I think will happen. 

    They did better in the offseason than I thought.

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    Re: Let's Be Honest

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    Great move, now how do we get you to leave?  It's not enough that your team is a total embarrassment...


    At 2-1, three points from 3-0, I wouldn't say 'total embarrassment'. A rookie QB, new coordinators, a slew of new starters, one of the NFLs youngest teams, they will only improve.


    good move or was it just good luck ? sanchez is out at starting QB, jets will win maybe 3 more games, buttchees should leave with tail between his legs, but you know he wont.

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    Re: Let's Be Honest

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    They have actually surprised me at 2-1.  I though for sure they would be no better then 1-2 right now.  thought they had a real solid shot  at 0-3.  I 'm thinking they could really make a legit run at 8-8 this season.



    "Being the best doesn't mean you always win. It just means you win more than anybody else."  Text received by Tom Brady from Kurt Warner after Ravens loss.

    view my Patriots photoshops at patsfanfotoshop.tumblr.com

    Mediocrity at its finest... the NY Jets.

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    Re: Let's Be Honest

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    A big debt of gratitude is due to.......ME.  Yes, to BUSTCHISE.  Apparently, the way to get rid of Queenie Handbanger (aka FiddyK, Rusty, idiot etc etc), you know, the BDC member who was on pace to post 80,000 times a year with his latest handle,  is to throw his predictions back in his face and make him either shut his pie hole or accept the deal that he knows would result in his self-banishment.  Queenie has guaranteed that the Jets will not win more than 2 more games.  Currently at 2-1, 2 more wins would mean a max of 4-12.  

    A simple agreement was proposed to one Q. Handbanger.  If the Jets win more than 4 games (that would be 5 or more) Queenie and all of his other handles leave here and never return.  If the Jets win 4 or less, I leave and never return.  Pretty easy, right?  This is a win/win for the board.  One of us will be gone.  

    His original post can be found here.  Word of caution, he'll likely go edit it, now.


    I propose that the board work together to force Queenie to accept the deal.  Every post of his should be followed with asking him why he won't take the deal, until he accepts the deal.  Why?  Because just being faced with his own predicitions has made him vanish.  

    Just out of curiosity, anyone else feel, at this point, the Jets will win fewer than 5 games?  




    Actually, most posters here want you to leave this discussion board... period. Your bet with Rusty is not even relevant there.





    Where is 'there'?  So are you saying that one would not be better than none?  And who would I argue with if handbanger was gone?


    Are you dumb or playing dumb?