There seems to be confusion among the horde that I must correct.
My account names were,
 2) Stommper
 3) Jerry Springer
 and now Stommpper

My being kicked off was due to continual fights with Rusty, and they were epic.

Rusty claims to be a traveling salesman of medical equipment, but spent more time on the forum board. There was no way he could hold a job and be here the amount of time he was.

I was friends with Lazz, and Harley Raod King, and live here in Florida.
Rusty even back 3 years ago had mroe accounts than all of you put together.

I will attempt to call him out once again and see where his status and salesmanship have taken him to, (most likely back to his room on the 5th floor at the nut house!)

So for those that enjoyed my past exploits, I hope I can invent even more, for those that didnt....too bad! Yell