Galloway? So far, a bust.

Rushing game? Fair but, I would have liked to see a rotation of Morris, Taylor and BJGE wear the Jets D down. We need to run the ball more and more to open up Brady's receivers. We have 4 backs that can hit hard. Use them! Still don't get why BJGE isn't given a few carries. 

We missed Welker today. More so (surprisingly) than Mayo it seems. 

Brady was off today. Period. 

I agree with an other poster, we need an OC now. Martz? I don't care but we need to utilize the players that can produce. Galloway seemed lost to me. 

But, the good news is that this will give the Patriots a kick. In the end, they will adapt and remember today's loss. 

Let the Jets fans circle jerk for 1 day. Next time will be our turn. I have no doubt about it.