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Lets get Fitz from Arizona

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    Re: Lets get Fitz from Arizona

    I know we need a playmaker or 2 on defense, however I disagree with everyone that thinks our wideouts are fine. We NEED a playmaker here, Branch and Welk are getting up there in age and not to mention will both be FA after next year, Tate and Price could be the answer in time but time is not on our side guys, Brady has maybe 4 more years in him!! Time is now, Randy Moss no, Fitz no, Sidney Rice, Vincent Brisby, Shawn Jefferson all would be perfect! Just kiddn on the last 2  
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    Re: Lets get Fitz from Arizona

    go with either sydney rice or malcom floyd, both deep threat both FAs
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    Re: Lets get Fitz from Arizona

    Rice or Floyd would be sweet both FA's wouldnt break the bank and would help our offense be even more explosive!! Dont get me wrong I love our offense but this is a copy cat leauge and I promise you every team we face will look at the Jets tape and TRY (most will fail) to copy what they did to us!! 
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    Re: Lets get Fitz from Arizona

    There is no way we get Fitz.

    1. You cant trade Matt Light, he is no longer under contract.

    2. Everyone thinks we have a ton of salary cap room. We dont.  Brady's new contract is about to kick in.  Mankins is a FA and he should be more of a priority than Fitz.  He is going to get a lot of money as well.

    3. New CBA. So many all likelihood, if there is an 18 game schedule, the cap will increase...but so will the rosters.  We are probably going to pay more contracts.

    4. No WR is worth the kind of money he is asking for.  You could probably sign 4-5 solid offensive weapons at the price Fitz is demanding.

    5. Pats dont need a Fitz type WR.  I'd rather see them go or draft for a speed guy.  A DeSean Jackson/Mike Wallace type of player.  Revis can cover any great route runner on his own.  But I dont care how good a corner you are, if a WR is significantly faster than the corner youre going to need safety help
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    Re: Lets get Fitz from Arizona

    Amen to that last point dapats. However, if that guy is someone comparable to Bethel Johnson, the opposing team will still probably roll the dice with single coverage.
    I personally don't think it was the personnel that got beat by the Jets. They were clearly outschemed from the start, and the coaching staff didn't want to adjust. They abandoned the running game from the start, and fed right into the Jets' hands. Yes, the Patriots moved the ball at will through the air against the Jets the first time. Why? Because they were running the ball effectively. And when your front 7 is as aggressive and proud of their run defense, you come hard at the run when it's punching you in the mouth. That leaves the field wide open for TE's and stuff over the middle. Same with the Steelers game. Not using Law-Firm was a serious mistake.
    I'm all for beefing up our roster. I wouldn't be against the Patriots using their two 1st rounders on a couple stud DL. Would it hurt to have a deep threat? Hell no. But it is nowhere near the top on the list of priorities.