... our three second rounders for a bunch of picks next year and in 2012. Any of the players still on the board that are going to have an immediate impact on this team will be gone by the time we pick again in the second round. That includes Kindle, Gerhardt, Benn, Tate, the LSU receiver, Sapp, Damien Williams from USC, etc...

And before you say we can trade up for one of these guys, think about this. Other teams ahead of us in Round 2 know that we're deperate. They will want a ransom for us to move up. Even if we get one, the price will be very high.

Let's face it. BB screwed the pooch again by trading down in one of the deep[est drafts in more than a decade, according to just about anyone who covers or works in the NFL.

Look at what the Jets, Dolphins and Bills ((with tonight's pick)) have done. We've lost Green and added Holt and Crumpler - both of whom should have already retired. And we added some corner nobody has ever heard of and will be a special teams lifer.

Let's pack it in, trade the picks, and look forward to the 2012 season.