Granted most of the threads on this board tend to be started by trolls nowadays, but I think people are over reacting. 

It always stinks to lose to the Jets, or any team from New York for that matter.   The season is not over however and the Patriot dynasty is not finished. 

We're 1 and 1.    Big deal. 

Brady is definately rusty.  He's been off these first two weeks.   He's missed a whole year and is probably still getting used to his knee.   I'm not worried.  I know he'll come around.  

The good thing is that our defense held the Jets to one touchdown.   With this offense, holding the other team to one touchdown should mean a win.  

The upside is that Brady can only get better, Welker and Mayo will be coming back.  

Last season Cassel stunk up the place a couple times as well.   By the end of the season they were a different team. 

The Patriots will win the division.  The Patriots will win the AFC and we will be in the superbowl.