If anyone else is angered at the number of fairweather pink hat fans encountered over the last few days then please respond here. Let's start a list of pink hat fans who know more about quality players and drafting than the Patriots front office. There's a difference between being critical and over-the-top negative. 

I'll start off: Clarkey

"Ehhhhh they drafted a special teams player in round 1! The world is over. Belichick is dumb and I would draft better. Clearly a more popular pick was needed. Wide receiver is a sexy pick so they should've taken Dez Bryant, or traded for Marshall earlier. Where's my white flag?"

Let's smoke out these turds and create a fan base that's more logical, grateful, and appreciative!

As a side note I find it hilarious that today Belichick is smart again. He must've had some fish for dinner!