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Lets talk Cards

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    Re: Lets talk Cards

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    Much like the 1990 Giants D I would love to see Belichick cement the idea that no one can run against this defense and specifically this LB corps. Obviously I doubt the Pats have an LT, but the starting LB corps looks as good as it has been in five years. Wells is more of pounder between the tackles guy than CJ2K (speed guy). If no one can run and the Pats have the lead opposing offenses can become one dimensional thus putting it in the hands of the pass rush qb pressure and well.....the secondary.


    Wasn`t Kolb the guy that played great against the Pats when with Eagles....


    And you`dont need to remind that 85% of the offense out there are pass first.


    I agree. We should dominate the run game and force them to pass. A BB classic and we now have the horses in the front 7 like we did in the SB run. No more then 60 yards for Wells, and Williams.

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    Re: Lets talk Cards

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    The Cards are a lot better than they're getting credit for here, they have solid players in every group. 


    They're much better than anyone gave them credit for.  Benching Kolb to start the season may have been enough to light a fire under him...