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Lewis released

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    Re: Lewis released

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    We don't have plenty of receivers now..our #3 is Joey "one big hit from retirement" G and Aiken and Edelman..I think it is too late to acclimate a guy off the waiver wire......Nunn may end up on the big team sooner than later.....Geez......will someone please remind Bill that the roster cut number is 53, not 33.....
    Posted by mountainmonkey

    BB better move fast. McDaniels is ready to move Marshall to NY for a QB. He is then going to pick up Nunn off of our practice squad.
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    Re: Lewis released

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    At the time the picks used for Smith and Lewis were traded, they looked like they were well spent. No one knows what the true value of a player will be until he shows up in your camp where he can be evaluated thoroughly. It is no different than using a #1 pick on the latest 'can't miss' guy who bombs (other than less of a blow). Factor in the unknown quantities of Edelman and Nunn who grew in worth throughout camp, and you are left with decisions to make, which Bill has done. All I can say is, "better he than me" - lol!
    Posted by markes8336

    Scott Pioli was the architect. Bring him back. BB is a carpenter, not a designer.
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    Re: Lewis released

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    NO SUPRISE at all. Carawaydj looks like we get the best of both worlds. Nunn might be playing a little sooner then expected like you had hoped!
    Posted by TrueChamp

    Maybe, but I kinda think they are opening a roster spot for someone.  Perhaps another QB?  The roster is so hard to predict with the Pats.  How many times do you see players come and go multiple times?

    Some have compared Nunn to Chad Jackson.  I'll admit Chad was an All-Pro training camp WR, but I don't remember him doing much in the preseason.  Can't say I paid that much attention though.  Chad might have soured us forever.
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    Re: Lewis released

    I really think Aiken can contribute on offense.  Watching the games, I see a receiver who attacks the ball in the air and is very physical after the catch.  Also an excellent blocker.  Won't get behind the defense very often but could be a valuable 3rd down option.
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    Re: Lewis released

    The Lewis and Smith deals did not look bad when they went down. Hindsight is 20/20. If we bang on Bill for these moves, let's credit him for picking Edelman and signing Baker and Nunn. Also, the Matthews trade looks terrific - he's proven himself as an excellent blocking TE. Being able to take some risks with picks is the fruit of having so many. With 8 of this year's picks making the team (not including those on PUP or IR), and with Hoyer's signing, I'd say Bill's doing just fine.
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    Re: Lewis released

    2 wasted 5th round picks => nothing in return for Hobbs. Frown

    BB is just human after all...

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    Re: Lewis released

    with three 2nd round picks in 2010 - I am not afraid to lose two 5th rounders....

    BB will trade one 2nd rdr for a 2011 1st round picks (giving the Pats three!) and will trade the other one down in order to pick up a 3rd and a few other lower round picks.

    Or if next year BB sees value could take two 2nds and move into the 1st round and have two 1st round picks...
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    Re: Lewis released

    People complain about "wasting" 5th round picks! Seriously, if they had picked someone instead of trading those picks, would those guys have made this team? Probably about a 10% chance! All draft picks are a gamble. There is no way a dozen rookies make the team in any year (unless you are the Lions). Anything after the third round is basically a "throw away". If you get lucky you grab a guy likr Samuel (or Brady). Most of the time the guys just get cut by September.
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    Re: Lewis released

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    two wasted 5th round picks. but at least bill has the b@lls to admit his mistakes. nunn is better, same with edelman.
    Posted by artielang

    On the surface it looks like wasted picks.  I hear your complaint.  But look at the flipside.

    If they had a crystal ball, looking back, I could see your argument, but nobody does.  They were thin at WR and TE.  They evaluated the landscape at that time and surmised that the acquired player is more valuable than anyone they could get with the draft pick. 

    As a result, they created quality competititon for the camps.  They then evaluated everyone evenly.  It's obvious that a couple of these guys probably graded evenly with Lewis and Smith.  As such, the younger guys are cheaper, probably can play more special teams and, the most important because of their youth, have more upside to improve.  If they all grade out even, who would you take? 

    Parcells years ago, while with the Giants, once cut the Giants equivalent at that time to Troy Brown, (I think it was Lionel Manuel, not sure though), even though he was clearly one of their top 4 receivers even at his advanced age.  He reasoned that, even though the guy could still play, it would slow the development of younger guys, which you have to be doing constantly.  That being said, if the guy is your 4th receiver.  He's not going to play much.  It makes sense to develop a younger potential replacement while you can. 

    This how you have to look at this, not from a "one dimensional" lost a draft pick perspective.  Have a good day.