Light and Morris activated

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    Light and Morris activated

    This is good to see, not happy about Edleman being out.

    Patriots release inactives: Matt Light, Sammy Morris are in; Junior Seau, Sebastian Vollmer out

    Superdome craziesThe Patriots are getting healthier. By a lot.

    The team just released their inactive list, and some interesting names are not on it. Left tackle Matt Light is playing, so is running back Sammy Morris, and so is defensive end Jarvis Green. All had been nursing injuries.

    Interestingly, tackle Sebastian Vollmer (head) is out, so is linebacker Junior Seau, and so is CB Shawn Springs.

    You read about the Saints’ inactives already.

    Here is the complete list of inactives: WR Julian Edelman (3rd QB), RB Fred Taylor, CB Kyle Arrington, CB Shawn Springs, LB Junior Seau, G Rich Orhnberger, T Sebastian Vollmer, and DL Ron Brace.

    What that means for Edelman is that if you see him on the field at the Superdome (pictured, from our Matt Stone),before the fourth quarter, the first two QBs are done.  So you won’t see a lot of him.

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    Re: Light and Morris activated

    Bites to see Elderman and Vollmer out.
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    Re: Light and Morris activated

    I wonder if Morris will make it through the game without getting injured?