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    live feed

    last week someone posted a website to watch the game for free. anyone know a site. the only game on is nyg vs kc. yawn!
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    Re: live feed
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    Re: live feed

    I'm a NE transplant living in NY.  Like Mosseffect just said, Atdhe is a decent site, but there are significant issues.  I just watched my third game on this site, and I have yet to experience a decent feed.

    1.  The audio is a full 8 seconds behind the video, on a good day.
    2.  The game will ocassionally just cut out for up to about 15 minutes.  I missed most of the first quarter due to this, and this is the third time it's happened in three games. 

    I wrote an email to their cust. service, and the response I got back is basically "You get what you pay for."  It took them two weeks to return this email.

    Long story short, there are much better sites out there.  Google "Live free football" and you'll get about 10 different sites.  I regret sticking with the service I'm using.

    But whatever.  Pats won, and Sanchez just gave up a 98 yard interception return for a TD.

    Where are you, Leon?
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    Re: live feed

    try this next time