Lockout Looms in 2010

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    Re: Lockout Looms in 2010

    unions hardly ever bargain in good faith, but who said the have to??  The real issue is that unions rarely understand profit motives and margin returns, they just want high pay without the risk of ownership

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    Re: Lockout Looms in 2010

    In Response to Lockout Looms in 2010:
         Player greed threatens the NFL. As things stand now, players earn 60% of the profits. NFL owners know that they can use the capital investment tied up in their teams, invest it in other areas, and make much greater profits.      For example, the Green Bay Packers allegedly earned a $20mil. profit last year. But, if the time and the money allocated to running the Packers had been placed in other investments, the profits could have been multiplied by 10 or more. So...owners are asking that this significant "loss of opportunity" be taken in consideration in the collective bargaining process: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/08/17/de-smith-is-convinced-there-will-be-a-lockout/          Do you think that the NFLPA is bargaining in good faith?
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    can we say,replacements?