LOL @ Tuck Rule Game on NLFN Now

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    Re: LOL @ Tuck Rule Game on NLFN Now

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    Hey Jints, speaking of getting screwed, how about those 3 obvious holds by Gmen that went unnoticed by the official in SB 42?


    Or the illegal pick on Meriweather by Steve Smith in the slot.  That was ignored, too.


    Troy Brown did that before half in the 2006 AFC titlegame as NE was rolling down the field for a 24 or 28-3 lead before half and out comes the off PI flag, very suspiciously, almost as a mercy penalty to help the Colts.

    Remember that one?

    Indy got the ball off a punt, got s FG before half, making it only a manageable 21-6 lead for NE instead.

    It's almost like after the dynasty was formed if NE was seeing victory, out come the flags (or non flags that should have been thrown).

    VERY, very suspicious to me. Always been. Our DBs or LBs breathe on a WR now and it's just an immediate PI call with the announcers going quiet with that awkward silence.




    kind of like the TD by evans wasn't even reviewed by the booth in the 11 AFCCG


    very suspicious...kinda seems they wanted pats in the sb

    it wasnt a touchdown, the ball was knocked out before his second foot hit the ground, it was obvious at the time.

    anyways, if you want to say that talking about the missed holding calls in super bowl 42 is "beating a dead horse" than why must you insist saying the raiders got screwed? isnt that "beating a dead horse" as well? if you are going to try to make the rules, at least abide by them.

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