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Lol! Turdell Thuggs!

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    Re: Lol! Turdell Thuggs!

    Confession time, I've openly and without a tinge of regret, rooted for injuries to opponents many times. Below is a very partial list, there are many more. Sorry to the holier than thou types who claim to love all or whatever. You should probably just move on. Fact is I still hate these guys and couldn't care less what anybody thinks about that.

    Jack Tatum 

    Bernard Pollard

    Chris Nilan

    Wayne Ma ki (it won't let me spell out the full name, I guess even the BDC knows it's a dirty word)

    Ulf Sammuelson

    Gary Dornhoefer

    Alex Burrows

    Matt Cooke

    Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky

    Bin Laden



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    Re: Lol! Turdell Thuggs!

    Because TB (the lead man for why the rule was installed) was the guy he went after it was a no brainer call. Just because TB called it out to the ref is what I believe started this.

    It should be the Palmer Rule. The "Von Olthoffening" was a lunge squared.

    Don't forget Chavez Muz. I had forgotten about Ulf.
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    Re: Lol! Turdell Thuggs!

    Congrats to Suggs!