LONE SURVIVOR.... a BB review!

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    LONE SURVIVOR.... a BB review!

    has anyone seen the actual film yet.. bb makes me want to jump in. he cant stop talkin about it. did more to max out sales than any other promotion marky mark and those Hwood funky bunches could come up with. i mean, pats just won in a blow out and a big motivational reason is because of the intensity of the movie. got everyone fired up and on the same page as one to come in intense from the start esp to run the ball with such power. i believe in intangible leverage, this seemed to do the trick. whatever rexy did with his boys, lets dump that!

    bb has a ton of hollywood and show biz connections. everyone kisses the ring. he and mark are great friends and mark did a special screening for him. a lot of special logistics went into this, wasnt like they just waltzed into a local dive and mixed with da unwashed. bb loves the theme, "about how they captured the first person aspect, the technical and cinematography aspects, the commitment of the unit to fight and sacrifice for all, toughness of team work.. all the training that went into it, how that all came together in actual reality, the emotionality, appreciate all the peeps fighting for our freedom."

    first time he saw it was after the cleveland game.. he was exhausted but after it, felt like he could go thru a wall.. so pumped up!  he went to meet wahlberg at the premiere and was as impressed as a a teenybopper meeting him again., "i mean this was the guy who actually went thru all these emotions and who filmed this masterpiece".. even admitted to tearing up a bit a few times. i'm interested in watching, anyone else in?

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