Lookout For New OC or DC?

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    Re: Lookout For New OC or DC?

    I am definitely in the minor here but i wouldn't be that opposed to seeing Rex here. He would add some spice to the defense. To work along side of Patricia. I think they'd be a great duo.

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    Re: Lookout For New OC or DC?

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    My guess is that BB sticks with McD and Patricia - for good or bad.

    With coaches starting to get the axe, is there anyone out there who might be a good OC or DC to replace McD or Patricia?


         No! The Pats need to look for a draft personnel advisor and new players, not new coaches. The Patriots are one of, if not the best coached team in the NFL. What other coach and coaching staff could have sustained the loss of top flight personnel through the strange off-season happenings and injuries the way that the Patriots have?


         Some tough decisions next year include whether the Pats should release 33 year old DT Vince Wilfolk, the great but oft injured Gronk, Jerod Mayo, disappointing WR Danny Amendola, and the aging Logan Mankins. They must also decide whether or not to pay Julian Edelman, whose having a breakout year this season...and whether to pay the tough but one-dimensional ILB, Brandon Spikes.

         My guess at this time would be that Vince, Danny and Mayo will be released. 


    I would say opposite. All 3 will be Patriots next year. VW will be Ted Washington all over and finish his career as an immovable object, Mayo was playing at a high level before his injury, and don't look now but Danny is turning is doing pretty good given the opportunity.