Im starting to wonder if losing all those coaches starting with Weis/ Crennel then last year with McDaniels is starting to catch up with us. Obviously BB comes up with the schemes and McDaniels and Weis could run them perfectly, especially JM except in the Super Bowl.... O"brien or whoever is calling the plays can not read the defense or figure out exactly where the soft spot is. The Patriots, once the premier screen team in the league did not run one running back screen to a team that was sending the kitchen sink at least twice on each set of downs. Brady has thrown the ball over 20 yards, our strong suit in 07, probably only about 8 times and been intercepted twice which by the way is a quarter of the interceptions he had in 07. How many times did Galloway look lost on the field or Brady throw to an empty spot because Galloway ran the wrong route. Edelman was the lone bright spot and even I saw Moss yelling at him and a couple of times move to push him up on the line or tell him to get in the right position, whoever is running this offense is not doing it correctly and BB needs to find a suitable McDaniels replacement or you can start to wonder if it really was Piolo pulling the strings for this team