My family and I will spend our this year summer vacation in New England. What an incredible opportunity to visit a game or at least training camp and watch my beloved New England patriot team in real.
I could not find any information concerning training camp though. Perhaps some of you guys, who are there on an almost weekly basis may provide some information for us German tourists?
We will stay in Boston through 17th to 20th of August and again from the 26th till the 29th of August.
The questions I have to you guys are the following:

- is training camp generally open to the public?
- what is the schedule for training camp?
- do we have to be there several hours in advance in order to get in?
- is it crowded?
- is entrance free or are we going to be charged - if there is a entrance fee, how much is it for 4 persons?
- do I have to get tickets in advance? if yes, where?
- is it worth going there? (I guess that's a silly question)
- is there a way to get tickets for a preseason game? If yes - how much is it for 4 persons

If anybody has any recommendations concerning our trip (great places to eat, where to go, where do I get the best clam chowder or lobster?, great places to visit (beside the freedom trail), landscapes, historic sites, etc. in Boston, on our way to Arcadia, than to Camden, Lincoln, back to Lexington, Concord, Foxborough, Plymouth, Cape Cod) we certainly would appreciate your support!