Louis Leonard released

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    Louis Leonard released

    great news at his expense....Hopefully this means Brace , Pryor and Wright are coming back this week.........
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    Re: Louis Leonard released

    That sounds right.  Also, the Patriots front office regularly brings in all sorts of guys through the season and some just don't work out.  If Leonard was any good he'd stick. 
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    Re: Louis Leonard released

    Yup. Seemingly good news.
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    Re: Louis Leonard released

    Pat's just replaced Louis Leonard with Landon Cohen...

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    Re: Louis Leonard released

    The Lions' second to last pick of the 2008 NFL Draft came in the seventh-round when Detroit selected Ohio defensive tackle Landon Cohen.  After already picking up Andre Fluellen in the third-round, the Lions decided to add more depth to the d-line by picking Cohen.  There isn't very much information out there about Cohen, but below is what I was able to find.


    Cohen is a one-gap defensive tackle who is at his best disrupting running plays, making plays in the backfield and rushing the passer. The biggest knock on him is that he's vastly undersized for the interior defensive line, which could mean that teams will have success running at him.

    NFL.com :

    Positives: Has good strength and leverage, showing adequate explosion coming off the ball...Quick to locate and react to the play...Shows good pop behind his hand swipes and the lateral movements and change of direction agility to make plays knifing down the line... Hits with power, staying low in his pads and wrapping well when working in-line...His superb balance and low center of gravity makes it very hard to take him off his feet...Has a short closing burst to collide into ballcarriers...Uses an array of rip, spin and swim moves to gain penetration, showing a relentless nature in his pass rush and quarterback pursuit...Compensates for his lack of size with power and leverage...Will shock blockers with his initial hand jolt...Very comfortable in one-on-one matchups and does a very nice job of defeating double teams, when he keeps his hands active...Has good timed speed, but it is his sudden burst that shocks offensive linemen...Has a strong rip move to slip past blockers and shows good urgency closing from the backside...Has good field instincts and is not the type who will bite on pump fakes or misdirection.

    Negatives: Lacks ideal size and bulk...Struggles to shed at times due to his short arms... Can be overwhelmed at the point of attack when blockers get underneath to get a piece of his jersey...Better working in closed quarters, as he seems sluggish in his moves when working in space...Loses speed when asked to run distances...His short arms pose a problem when trying to shed and while he has good swim moves, they are less effective vs. the taller blockers (can not get cross faced)...May be better suited for an under-tackle position due to size limitations...Despite weighing 278, he has a soft, fleshy midsection that sometimes prevents him from dropping his pads...Has a good burst off the snap, but labors when having to pursue long distances.