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LQQK! Something Different

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    LQQK! Something Different

    To talk about.

    The NCAA, a farm system for the NFL, no need to support minor league teams just pick the fruit as you choose. No legal agreements it's just the way it is. Everything falls into place. The combines are perhaps the only pre-draft expense to the NFL, aside of having scouts on the payroll and the invites to free dinners and interviews for prospects.

    NCAA sports is a big business in itself. Just think of 90,000 - 110,000 tickets sold each week to support a College sport.

    As actually told to a teamate of mine in High School - a 310 lb lineman - by Woody Hayes at Ohio State. "LQQk if you can't pass (academics) here then where can you pass"?

    Is this really education (fools gold) or are they offering or supporting a sport that makes the Colleges, overpaid coaches and ADs richer at the expense of some people simply having problems writing a complete sentence that makes any sense? The NFL cares less! They will find those trinckets of gold. The rest of them hopefully have something to fall back and make a living.
    Without the 'extreme efforts (sic)' of the NCAA the NFL is neutered. The wunderlich test apparently means nothing and should be disabled anyway.

    Good deal for the NFL over many years.

    I'm up have a good day...

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    Re: LQQK! Something Different

    Do you think the NFL Teams could choose to 'redshirt' a player thats NOT coming out that year? A Team could select their (redshirt) 1st round pick in advance a year early. Think Andrew Luck ...who could have fallen to a position 32 in this years draft. Also think Belichick, instead of trading down for the next years 1st rounder, instead redshirts Luck for a Kings ransom?

    Remember Red Auerbach redshirting Larry Bird?

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    Re: LQQK! Something Different

    Underclassman have to claim eligibility for the draft else you can't be drafted.  They are simply not available.  Plus, I see this as a high risk move because of the nature of football.  One good hit and you're done.  That would equate to a lost high round draft pick. 
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    Re: LQQK! Something Different

    I'm just curious how you feel education is fools gold?

    Only a small percentage of the player at the college level make any type of real money playing the pro's. The vast majority won't even play on a pro field. IMO most of them realize this and take full advantage of receiving a opportunity they normally wouldn't receive because of their intelligence level or upbringing. Don't look down on what a college degree can get you and these kids have to take that opportunity. For example, look at BC. How many of the football players do you think will make it on an NFL team? How many of those players do you think pay the $100k+ tuition to attend BC? BC also has a high graduation rate for it's football team (one reason parents want there kids to play for BC if they have fringe talent). So it's a win win all the way around. The NFL uses the schools as a minor league system, the school gets the money generated by the sports, and the majority of players who will never make it to the pro's get a college degree at a significantly reduced cost which helps them in both the short and long term.
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    Re: LQQK! Something Different

    There's a little more than just the education going on here.  Make no mistake that being in a football program gives one high visibility.  The trouble is a lot of guys who get scholarships abuse it.  If one can come out of this thing with an education and part of a football program you'll end up getting taken care of.

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    Re: LQQK! Something Different

    The NCAA cares only about the power and influence they wield. Dozens if not hudreds of stories have been coing out about how they bully students and their parents. I would demand of any school I thought about giving money to either leave the NCAA or demand it is overhauled to actually do good.

    College sports is BIG BIG business and the NCAA is ALL about that. And they don't mind abusing their power at to the detriment of students.

    The stories of their thuggery are out there if you want to read them.