Its official...and makes no sense to me. You get rid of Jones , a top 5 back the last 5 years and sign LT to a 2 year/5 million...The same deal Jones signed with KC. I dont know , I just dont see it and I find it hard to believe the jets see something the rest of us dont. You might gain a lil' versatility , but lose alot of stability. Hes run for almost 2800 and 30 TDs the last two years and hes a much better blocker. Thats going to be a real issue w/ LT this year because Sanchez is still just going into his 2nd year. If Jones is healthy hes running for at least 11-1200 and 10 plus TDs.  The jets have a much better o-line , but fact is last year in SD one back ran much better than the other , and it wasnt LT. Theres no doubt the jets are hoping for one last big year , I say no way , he wont sniff 900.