Luck Looks Sensational Again

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    Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again

    In Response to Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again:
    In response to "Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again": Depending on one's preconceived feelings, the article may or may not have merit.
    RESPONSE: What a croc...LOL!!!

    His examples are opinions.
    RESPONSE: No. They are deductions that are based on facts.

    I don't know if brad wells is a colts fan. Based on his articles that I've read he more opinion maker searching for web hits than a fan.
    RESPONSE: More lies! Wells is a huge Indiana sports fan, and you know it:  

    Further, it is widely known that he had an axe to grind with polian and used his keyboard to grind it at every opportunity ad nauseum and frequently quite childishly.
    RESPONSE: Let's see now...first you claimed that you don't know who Wells is...yet you say that "it is widely known that he had an axe to grind with Polian..." Obviously then, you do know who he is, and have read at least some of his articles.  
         Where's your proof that Wells merely has an axe to grind with Polian? Isn't that just your opinion? Most Colts fans had an axe to grind with Polian, dating back to the 2009 season, when Polian pulled the plug on Indy's shot at a perfect season. Heck,  Colts' owner Jim Irsay obviously had an axe to grind with Polian, considering that he gave Polian and his son the boot.  

    Given all of the above, his article is not a surprise. Some may agree with him. Some may not.
    RESPONSE: You have failed to answer my questions. Do you deny that the examples Wells listed have merit? Are you still denying that Wells is a die hard Colts fan? Don't you think that his deductions are logical? If not, why not? What explanations can you offer as to why the Colts chose not to pick up Kyle Orton after he was waived by Denver...chose to continue to play a completely ineffective Curtis Painter, when it was obvious to all that had eyes that he was terrible...and why did the Colts decide to stick with the obviously ineffective "Manikin", Jim Caldwell, for the entire 2011 season?  

    Finally, opinions can't be lies. You frequently confuse opinion and fact. Then again, like the writer you cite, you always come with an agenda.

    RESPONSE: BS. You asked for proof showing that the Colts tanked their season last year in order to get Luck. I have presented facts (not opinions), as presented in the article above, which were written by a huge Colts' fan, which demonstrate that Indy made a concerted effort to stay terrible, or tank. What proof do you have which show that the Colts did not tank their season, other than your lies, childish denials, and bogus opinions?
         Once again, you have demonstrated for all to see why you no credibility on this forum, and why no one should take you seriously.   

    Posted by UD6
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    Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again

    In Response to Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again:
    In Response to Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again : Eng - I am not interested in reopening wounds.  I'll simply say that Goodell said the pats did something against the rules in an attempt to gain an advantage.  Belichick said he'd been doing it since day one with the pats.  That means they'd been doing something against the rules since Belichick's first year with the pats to gain an advantage.  Whether or not they did is immaterial although I'd like to think Belichick is smart enough to know that if the process produces nothing then it should be scrapped.  Violating rules in that way taints success.  On the other hand, your comments about the colts intentionally tanking are simply opinion.  IMO your opinion is based on some flawed thinking.  You certainly are welcome to continue thinking as you wish, but I'd suggest logic would tell you something else.  That's said, the root of fandom is fanatic and fanatical thinking doesn't always lend itself to logic.  again - apples and oranges.
    Posted by UD6


    Belichick said he'd been doing it since day one with the pats.
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    Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again

    If they tank hard enough again this season they'll get the best left tackle in the draft. Even the Jests don't tank, they just suck. Lower then the Jests.. thats got to be hard to take.

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    Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again

    In Response to Re: Luck Looks Sensational Again:
    Underdogg , listen clearly please- Taping WAS not illegal.  There were varying stipulations and pretty f'!ng ambiguous and contradictory criterion set in place WHEN a team was taping (covered booth, non-covered booth but on own sideline, any sideline but in a marked team uni at all times, only on own sideline and no team uni, etc.). It was always ambiguous and EVERY Coach on EVERY F'!NG team tinkered with this in 1 form and/or fashion or another.  EVERY one.  It was accepted as common practice, NEVER enforced, and never RE-stated and RE-emphasized into any sorta clear and lucid lay down of what or what was not allowed...It's the way it was. It is why even now ya see Coaches either hiding and/or quickly murmering their play calls into the field under breath...It's the reason why teams had anywhere from 2-even 5 different sets of real & fake hand signals and set names on any given matchup on any given Sunday. A few Coaches like Tony Dungy, were so far down on the insipid and amazingly unoriginal and uncreative scale, that after touching upon it's benefits (or not), they abandoned it REALLY early on due to it having zero advantage based on what I stated in the opposing side's alterations and the like, up above.  Solely from these dull yokels of miniscule consciousness, Does and did one here the now suddenly righteous & exacting morality of just HOW terribly wrong that this practice was.  A practice that EVERY-one tried, and many still deployed on their apparent behalf. A great many coaches did it THE WHOLE Span during this time period...AND during this span as the opposing side's team did even more game-in-game changes and alterings and were more exacting that eyes were looking over them in their sideline endeavors on any Sunday, they did it less and less and less.  THESE folks HAVE said, that the minor help they DID receive became meaningless based on the effort and work involved, and nearly pointless based on added emphasises on the opposing side's counter measures.  They focused on it less and less and less.   VERY few... And none moreso than Bill Belichick in regularity, CONTINUED to try to do this, in the hope that he could garner even the slightest or most remotest beneficial 1 iota from it.   Listen to me: UNTIL the 2007 offseason, There was NOT 1 UTTERANCE that this was a seriously unfair issue which needed to be addressed in an outward and very open and exacting ANY way.  Nada.  EVERY year, year after year after year, Beit in Competition Committee meetings and the Laws forwarded/enforcements on any given year, Or League Office meetings, OWNER meetings- YOU name it-  Trully forwarding the issue of either curtailing or simply negating sideline taping, was SUCH an afterthought to A MILLION of other issues which DID get addressed and DID get addressed because they were deemed SO much more important, That it was a NON-issue...  Until the 2007 Offseason. During that offseason, suddenly there was not 1, but 2 (1 early on, and 1 in the latter middle of OTA/preseason times)- League Office memos that said they WERE going to start to be sticklers towards the act of sideline taping...  ONLY during this time, did the league feel the need to BOTH openly state they'd begin exacting this for the very 1st time ever, and 2- To RE-define what was expected and/or allowed within gameday taping by specific personell of NFL Teams.  BOTH "RE-emphasises" said NADA about any notions RE: Just how heated this issue was to them (1 paragraph faxed memos), NOR how critical they felt about this issue, NOR did they feel ANY of even the slightest attempts to express just how exacting they might be to any offenders of this IF an issue arose like a Rat former Coach making a loud stink about the team that slipped out the door from (w/ several computer disks and insider Pats booklets in tow, and w/out warning) in order to coach their A#1 rival team.  Two 1 Paragraph faxes suddenly during that offseason...And BOTH (go check) are ABSOLUTELY contradictory towards each other, and both are in turn contradictory towards what was stated in stone in The NFL League Rulebook. I am TRULLY sorry that Bill Belichick is THAT detail-oriented, and THAT much of a freak football guru psycho, that he DID (or might have, b/c knowing BB he could've just been playing w/ the other team too)- Garner some sorta additional knowledge about what the other team was doing on the field and/or in play-calling and/or in schematics, and/or any weird mutant combo of the above that noone else on earth save for Bill belichick could gain 1 speck of insight from. ~~ If ya need to know how I feel on BOTH Spygate AND the "Suck for Luck" Colts, it's this: IF I was Belichick I'd have kept doing the exact same thing...Just because I'm smarter than everyone else, does NOT in my eyes give you the right to suddenly be a hard-##ed stickler to the rules (Rules that AL-ready were being nitpicked and tailored by The CC in order to tailor it towards O play (helping O teams like Indy and St Louis), and hurt D play centered teams (like NE was 100% at this time)...Suddenly newly hard-sticking Rules RE an issue (taping by one's own team personell taping on gameday), of which EVERY-one had the opportunity to try to gain an advantage by, and from which EVERY-one at least tinkered with in order to see whether or not it was trully helpful enough to warrant their time and added energy. ^  Dats how I feel...  Sorry I see sh#t that you can't because I'm smarter and harder working and have more knowledge THAN YOU.  I'm just as unrepetant as Belichick apparently was, when I come to believe that others are attempting to unfairly to SPECIFICALLY undermine MY efforts from above (w/ and using laws and re-emphasises of laws which over and over and over, actually counteract the things that benefit ME the most, while them subsequently helping the top-tiered guys whom I recognize as my greatest Lombardi rivals, the most). "Suck for Luck"-  Good for Indy...  It's unimaginably evident and plain as day that this was an absolute motive of theirs based on their actions (and non-actions) during this past season.  It ain't against the rule...  Hurting your fanbase, Destroying your product for 1 full year while hurting the merits of your franchise in any given football fan's regard for you by undermining your own product, and killing aspects of the faith in the product your selling to those whom are faithful & loyal & dedicated believers in your franchise product...  < This stuff, is currently NOT against the rules in The NFL as I understand it.   Whatever...Good for Bill Polian.  Here's how to tell if you are a sleezeball multi-multi-multi Millionaire executive big-wig... You have these options and these 2 choices to consider: A /> Will I lose more fans and more money and more franchise success, by starting up a very long and very slow and very thorough total team rebuilding process, which includes- My entire Defense, Half of my Offensive Line, All of my Runningbacks, Any Tightends, some more receivers, and trying to secure a viable Franchise #1 NFL Quarterback during this time, too.  If I do this, I'll still continue to try to field the very best product on the field that I can...but Me, and EVERY-one else with eyes, can see that the overhaul that is trully needed in order to gain even the remotest of postseason possibilities (let alone success), is SO total and overwhelmingly massive....that doing it this way, might tack YEARS before I might see any trully viably decent Colt squad take my stadium field.      Or...         B />  Upon the full weight of just HOW much in such a massive overhauling that I'll need in order to secure a squad decent enough to become and be regarded as perrenial playoff contender- hitting my in FULL weight and under ZERO illusions, I'll deliberately s#ck to high-he!! this year (upon recognizing after the 1st 3 or 4 games that I'm gonna s#ck anyways, to either a greater or lesser intent of "s#ckiness").  IF I do this, I'll be undermining those whom trully believe in what I offer & sell, and I'll be scr#wing over those whom are unfortunate enough to be playing on my 2011 cr#p-squad, And deliberately trying to lose sorta defeats the entire purpose of what a Pro Sport's team should always be doing (i.e. trying their sincerest & hardest to win for themselves, their city, their owners, and their fans).  BUT, IF I just try a tad bit extra TO LOSE this year, I'd suddenly find myself in the comfortable position of having the #1 overall draft pick during the next draft at the end of this season, which by most every regard, has in it what most every scout believes to be a Once-in-a-Decade type of amazingly calibered in his gameplay, Franchise #1 NFL QB prospect in it...  Then, I'll be at the top again of Rd #2, wherein I could ALSO garner myself either THE best, Or at worst 2nd best player at any position which gets undervalued and either largely overlooked or totally overlooked in rd #1 (TE, OG, OC, NT, ILB, 4-3 OLB, & oftentimes Safety & RB to a slightly lesser but still prevelant extant or another). So, Polian chose Option "B", And I gotta say, "Ehh...?"  So what?  So Your owner's a corporate Billionaire sleeze who doesn't give 1 sh#t on earth about you lesser folks that believe & have steadily held strong in their solid faith in his what?  'Least he didn't break any rules...right? 
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Wow!  That's quite a rant.  What it lacks in accuracy and logical cohesion, it makes up for in spirit and random capitalization...
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