I know another fantasy draft thread but I'm bored so here goes. Go ahead and post whatever your fantasy draft is regardless how silly or unrealistic it is, I just ask you give reason's for trades or why players drop right to us, even if it's just a fantastic made up story. So try to either write up a great story or try to give realistic reasons if you can. I'm bad at fantasy writting so I'm going to attempt to make it as realistic as posible for mine.

*Trade Pats trade #22 and their 1st next year for Jax #10 and #74. Jax doesn't have a 2nd and they are a little low on funds since their fans have nothing to get excited about. At #10 not only does Jax have to pay the price but they won't draft Tebow that high. What do the fans have to get excited about if Jax grabs a lineman? So moving back to #22 lets them draf Tebow for much lower cost and pick up a cap friendly 1st next year that they can then flip for a 2nd this year or hold onto it for next year.

*Trade Pats trade 2nd next year and AD for Morrison from Oak. Oak only put a 3rd round tender for this year. Al forgot his pills and thinks a 2nd next year is the same as a 3rd this year and gets a guy that brings the Oak locker room atmosphere with him in AD.

Resign Burgess as a rotation backup

#10 JPP - Finally Bill finds his huge OLB with speed that can set the edge and get to the passer. He does a little dance

#44 Williams - Trying to get back to the possession game they had in the SB years they grab one of the best and most polished route runners in the draft

#47 Houston - Carrington is hard to pass up but Houston brings the massive power to take on double teams and push T's backwards

#53 Veldheer - Can you say Vollmer 2.0? Imagine having to monsters on each side of Brady

#74 Jimmy Graham - We need a TE and here's one with Crumpler size that can actually catch balls. He might be raw but 2 years under Crumpler and I think he could be the best TE to come out of this draft

#119 Anthony Dixon - A strong powerful change of back runner he is step 1 to revamping our RB core (step 2 Ingram next year)

The rest don't really care to much about if we can grab Scott Long WR, Zoltan P, Kevin Matthews C, and Rafael Priest CB

A starting defense of Bodden, Butler, Merriweather, Chung/McGowan, Morrison, Mayo, JPP, TBC, Houston/Lewis, Warren, and Wilfork with backups in McKenzie, Burgess, Pryor, Wright.

Excuss me I have to go change my pants now