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    Re: Mallett

    The guy is the third Q.B.. and he's a project.  Give it time.
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    Re: Mallett

    preseason.....some things that get worked on are footwork, especially in pocket...he may be working on a variety of those type of things unbeknownst to us...preseason...doesn't matter who wins.....situational type things being practiced.
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    Re: Mallett

    Wish they made internet granades so I could blow up this thread and everyone in it. 

    Three NFL games under the dudes belt, and mostly with non-starters.....3

    Not sure if it was to be sarcastic, c'mon.
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    Re: Mallett

    He's a rookie.  3 weeks ago half the people here were ready to put him in the HOF.  Personally I like Hoyer better but lets give the guy time.
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    Re: Mallett

     The Mallet cool aid must have been weak it wore off fast.
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    Re: Mallett

    Welker Rules all you do is complain on here about this player and that player.  Mallet is a......ROOKIE.  the o line last night were........BACKUPS.......yes he has a long way to go bu wait intill the regular season starts before anyone gets judge.
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    Re: Mallett

    unbeliveable  thread

    but seriuosly I don't understand
    why we don't have a sure fire HoFamer
    as  our 3rd qb.

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    Re: Mallett

    2 points:

    1) I bet a dollar the OP isn't a day over 18 - reads: young and impatient.

    2) Babe, we get that you reaaaaally don't like BB's drafting. =]

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    Re: Mallett

    he hasn't had any time. its tough to show much in a preseason game playing with 2nd and 3rd stringers, no blocking, and most of all being a rookie with no practice until a few weeks ago.. 
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    Re: Mallett

    He just needs practice. The guy is a noob who didn't have a training camp. He's got a heck of an arm. He needs a full season of practice and I think he'll learn to get rid of the ball. 

    If he doesn't then he's going to be a Bledsoe type of player. 
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    Re: Mallett

    Seriously, how many NFL games has he played?  
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    Re: Mallett

    The Dolphins won last night in the 4th preseason game and the Patriots lost?  We're not ready for them a week from Monday night for the regular season.  Might as well forfeit the season.  Even though our first string unit played to the 17-3 lead on the Giants, the 3rd stringers lost it.  We're done!
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    Re: Mallett

    If you recall, people were ready to crucify Cassel after a horrible pre-season. Then Brady got hurt and he stepped in (to a ridiculously weak schedule) and did a good job - so they loved him. Remember, most football fans have a window of cognition of +/- 2 weeks.

    Don't look now but their doing it again.  that season for Cassel I had no idea how he stuck to the roster. He was horrible in preseason.

    I think Mallet is well worth keeping. He did show some flashes and I think he has a longer down field arm then even Brady does. If he's willing to impersonate Arron Rogers riding the pine I bet he'll have a nice future.
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    Re: Mallett

    to this woozy person fed up as in of that moment in time not with him forever. Can't you even read. Fed up in that second of the game.
    Some of you brought up good pts. I didn't think of in the heat of the moment. I was just going by pats lost sat which again I paid several hundred dollars to see them lose and then turn around again a few days later and lose.

    Until mallett was in we were ahead and just seems all went downhill from there. Oh well it is over. On to miami. Do you guys think we will whip em with 45 again? I know they are braging how good they are with Bush and some of their new guys.