managing injuries

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    managing injuries

    all season the process of resting players to manage their health and injuries is revealing the bennifits. The injury list just got 15 player nocked off it and the only 5 players remaining on the list have fully practiced. Going into the play offs healthier than we ever have been is a welcome supprise. Baring new injuries we may be going to the AFC CG with a CLEAN injury report.

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    Re: managing injuries

    BB can do this ONLY because he prices highly having depth and breadth of roster. He spends money on the entire roster. That means the Pats have a  lot of quality players even if not quite as many big names. It also means - importantly - that there are multiple people on the roster that can take over any specific role in a given package. And this means that a healthy guy is likely to be more effective than an injured player. So the Pats can afford to give a player a chance to recuperate.

    It does not mean injuries dont hurt. Last SB having both Gronk and Mankins playing with serious injuries made a big difference we did not overcome. It means if Talib or Dennard or McCourty are not able to play we are hurt because in those areas there is too much of a drop off. But we can weather injuries on the O line, D line, RB, even TE and WR.


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