Mankins Contract Breakdown

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    Mankins Contract Breakdown

    Pretty good article on by Andrew Brandt at NFP breaking down Maknins' contract:

    Evans-Mankins comparisons

    The following are the comparisons in key categories of the two largest guard deals, one in May of last year and one last week (amounts in millions of dollars):

                                                   Evans                      Mankins
    APY                                         8.1                                8.7
    First-year money                     19                                 21.5
    Three-year total                       25.6                              31

    It should be noted, however, that Evans negotiated his contract while scheduled to make $3.17 million. Mankins – in his year of negotiation -- was scheduled to make $10.1 million. Thus, Mankins is receiving almost $7 million less than Evans in “new money” – money that otherwise would not have come to the player.

    Mankins – and Evans – have set a new frontier for interior offensive linemen.  Yes, guards can get paid too.

    And the long-running drama between the New England Patriots and Logan Mankins has ended, much like the long-running drama between the NFL and the NFLPA. Peace has broken out all over the NFL...

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    Re: Mankins Contract Breakdown

    I like Mankins but He better not be giving up any sacks come playoff time w/those numbers...jeeesh! 

    I thought Steve Hutchinson was the 1st guard to get major coin from Seattle about 5 years ago or so...Im assuming Mankins deal is higher but every year the contract #'s get higher
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    Re: Mankins Contract Breakdown

     I'm elated that the Mankins deal got done. Keeping Brady upright is priority #1.
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    Re: Mankins Contract Breakdown

    I fail to see how the Pats didn't drop the ball on this one? It seems that Mankins got everything he wanted. In spite of all of the name calling and posturing, at the end of the day Frank Bauer is the smart guy.
    I don't disagree with the fact that the Pats gave Mankins the amount of money (I think he is worth it) but why didn't they settle and structure it to take more of a hit last year in an uncapped year?