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Mankins discussion

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    Mankins discussion

    After reading the new developments with Mankins I thought I would throw my two cents in.  I want to start off by saying I can see where both sides are coming from.

    From Mankins' point of view I don't blame him for trying to get as much money as he can.  With such a demanding position where he takes a pounding play after play I don't blame him on wanting to get paid.  Life expectancy for O lineman can't be that great and he is wanting to take care of his family for their future.  On the other hand I think he has gone about this whole process the wrong way.  Calling out the Patriots and saying they lied about negotiating was the wrong thing to do.  He was offered a fair market deal.  I doubt he's going to get a better deal from another team based on the uncertainty of the league.

    On the Patriots side of things I don't see how you can pay a guard that much money.  Yes Mankins is a great player but he's not in the same league as Hutchinson.  It's not good business to spend a large amount of money on that position. 

    Mankins should have either signed the tender and play out the season and wait on what happens or the Patriots and Mankins should have quietly agreed to disagree with Mankins requesting a trade in private.  The Patriots at best would get a 2nd round pick for Mankins.  Nobody (not even the Raiders) would pay a 1st for a guard.  In my opinion I think Mankins is stuck with the Patriots for at least this year.  He'll be forced to play because if he sits the year he'll be in the same situation next year.  I don't see a trade because like I said before teams won't pay a guard the money Mankins is looking for based on the NFL's uncertainty. 
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    Re: Mankins discussion

    In Response to Re: Mankins discussion:
    No offense bro cause your post was good and all but did we really need another Mankins thread? I mean you can say the same to me as I started one earlier today myself but i am just saying we have like 5 or 6 threads for this guy already but whatever. With that said the way I feel is he is a DB. I have been this guys biggest fan since the day he was drafted and he had a 5 year 35 million dollar deal that would have made him one of the top 5 highest paid OG's in the NFL and he not only didnt take the deal but he didnt even make a counter offer he just shut the Pats out. And now he is demanding a trade? This guy could be making 7 million a year if he had signed the deal, and lots of you guys said he was not even worth that but i said he was and then he turns it down and asks for more? Give me a break, the Pats didnt break their word, they said they would take care of him and they gave him a more then fair offer and he barely looked at it. I thought he was a true Pat through and through but anyone who turns down that deal and demands more money or a trade is well in this case lets just say he is not what i thought he was.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    I do know what you are saying about all the Mankins' posts but sometimes you have to start another discussion if you want to make a point about a subject.  The attention span of many readers (including mine sometimes) is small and I've had a couple posts overlooked from time to time because I posted something under a discussion. 

    I agree, I don't like how Mankins has handled this whole thing.  Players these days are going to look out for themselves before the team.  Hey if Mankins thinks he'll get more money somewhere else more power to him.  If he wants to play for someone like the Jaguars go right ahead.  Look at Andre Johnson.  He signs a long term deal a couple of years ago and now he's complaining he deserves a better contract.  Don't take it so personal MVP if it were Tedy Bruschi pulling this then get upset.
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    Re: Mankins discussion

    In Response to Re: Mankins discussion:
    Yea but the Bruschi's of this team are gone so guys like Mankins are supposed to be the new Bruschi's you know and instead they do this and it just kills me. He has been one of my favorites for a long time and now he does this and its like take a hike.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    Nothing surprises me in today's sports world MVP.  I to thought Mankins was a stand up guy.  I'm sure if we met him we'd still think he's a nice guy but he just made a wrong move.  He doesn't look good in this situation.  I can't blame him for wanting the money but being in the top 5 highest paid in your position would satisfy most.  Situations like this make me appreciate the Bruschi's and Troy Brown's of the world even more.  Get ready for Brady's contract to get a little more worrisome because we may not think the same of Tom when all is said and done.  Hopefully I'm wrong.
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    Re: Mankins discussion

    I simply cannot understand what Mankins hoped to gain by seemingly attempting to burn his bridges. 
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    Re: Mankins discussion

    I hope he signs with us, but after his public comments, I doubt that is a possibility.

    We wont get equal trade value for him, he is a Guard, and guards don't warrant a 1st round pick. Not to mention he wants an insane contract, making this almost impossible. He is our best Olineman, I hope we keep him.

    What I personally don't understand is that he publicly stated that the patriots lied to him about giving him a contract, yet its been reported the pats offered top 5 guard money to him. How can that not be enough for him? He is good, but not as good as Steve Hutchinson or the Saints' Evans.

    7 million a year is decent money. If I was the pats, in this particular situation, I would make a final offer of 8 million per year for the same amount of years previously offered.

    The pats need a good Oline, it all starts with the interior, and Mankins is one of the best, we have to retain him. Imagine our run game without him? It'll be worse of then it already is. Not to mention protecting Brady is the top priority, why downgrade the line protecting the franchise?

    BTW, a similar thing is happening in SD, Vincent Jackson and McNeill are both holding out in a similar fashion, so its not just us with Mankins.
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    Re: Mankins discussion

    Trade him. Lets cut our losses and trade him.

    Professional Players have repeatedly shown time and time again that once they utter the words "trade me", they become nothing but a cancer for the team. If he doesn't want to be in NE, ship his butt out.