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Mankins should fire his agent

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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    I was reading Mike Reiss' clip on Mankins agent this morning. A couple of things came to mind.
    #1) Who is steering the ship here? If it is truly Mankins telling his agent what to do then so be it. If his agent is just telling Mankins that the Pats are skkrewin' him and they need to take a stand then Maybe Mankins needs a little better advice.

    #2) I also had to laugh at the Agents argument that Mankins is the 2nd Best Guard in the History of the team only behind Hannah. Not That Mankins isn't good but because there is absolutely no way to quantify that statement. That's like saying I was the 2nd best Chess player in my family. Even it's true it's a worthless throw away line that must have been laughed at in the negotiation process.

    #3) I came away from that article thinking that Mankins will sign his tender but the agent is just trying to save face because once again the Patriots won. Mankins tried to use his leverage last year in the negotiation process by sitting out and the Pats are using theirs this year. Touche'
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent:
    I've defended Mankins (and to some degree Bauer) before, but I don't understand what good can come of Bauer talking to the press.  Seems like it just would anger your negotiating partner and I'm not sure that helps at all. As far as Mankins being upset with the franchise tag, I can understand that. But assuming the new CBA gets done and the franchise tag provisions are similar to what they are now, Mankins has almost no choice but to accept the golden handcuffs.  I wonder if the agent gets a commission in this case?  Probably not . . . that may be why the agent is moaning so much.  In that case, Mankins might want to consider firing him. Then again, Bauer has gotten some pretty big deals for other clients, so saying he's inept is maybe not supportable based on the evidence.
    Posted by prolate0spheroid


    He may be a successful agent but this will not go down on his CV as one of his top negotiations.  In this case, I think he's inept, although I cannot speak for his success with all of his clientele. 
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    If I remember correctly Mankins apologized to Robert Kraft so anyone casting aspersions on the Pat's offer or their sincerity in dealing with Mankins is blowing smoke.  
    The problem is a blow hard agent who is pissed because Mankins will probably sign the tender and hope for a bigger payday from the Pats or through a trade.  kil
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    If I had the greenbacks to own a pro sports franchise, Commandment #1 for ALL members of my organization to follow, including players, coaches and executives, would be: "Thou shalt not negotiate thy contract terms through the media."

    I don't blame the Pats at all for turning sour on players who do that.

    Whether it's the agent's fault or not, Mankins has also been too outspoken about this stuff, and he's said some pretty harsh and unnecessary things.

    At this point, the Pats need to tell him to sign his tender before the draft so that they can get him out of town, which apparently is what he desires at this point anyway.

    Remember folks, for all the hand-wringing being done about how great the offense was after he returned last year, the team was still 6-1 without him, and had beaten some teams with pretty good defenses (Baltimore, San Diego) before he came back.

    He's expendable IMO.
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent:
    The Patriots are the problem not the players' agents!  They are the cheapest team in thwe league!  Just ask their assistant coaches, oh wait you can't because Belicheat won't let them talk.  See article in the Herald!
    Posted by rsposato

    Don't like the Pats much?
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    I can't understand all the drama Mankins agant seems to enjoy kicking up. Maby it is just to call as much media attention to himself as possible at Mankins expence. If I understand the situation properly Mankins was served with the NONEXCLUSIVE franchise tag which gives his agent the right to shop Mankins where ever he wants. So, if he is so obviously worth so much more than the Pats have offered, being a good agent he should have no problem getting the contract he want elsware. If he is the BEST OG in the league then there are more than a few teams that should have no problem negociating with the Pats on compensation for the trade. All of this should be no problem for a highly competent agent with the best OG in the league. But maby the Pats offer was justified an spot on, and the agents ego has been damaged because he has been caught overplaying his hand. Maby this is all an attempt by the agent to save face with Mankins and all his current and future costomers. Any way you look at it the ball is in the agents court to find a better alternitive and his tacticks useing the media will only hurt him with future negociations between future costomers and team knowing these tactics may be used on them. If Mankins stays great. If he leaves I am shoure the Pats will get the compensation he is worth and invest it well, and that is good also. But I will not be one to spend my time playing into Mankins agents plans and giveing him the media glorification he is obviously seeking. I don't here the Pats even acknowledgeing any of his rants.

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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent:

    As far as the deal Mankins was offered and whether it was good or not, I just will reiterate that none of us knows the details and therefore none of us really knows whether it was good or bad.  Guaranteed money is the major issue here.  Players hate to be franchised because, while $11 million is a huge payday for a year, it may be less than the signing bonus a player would get if he could negotiate freely.  
    Posted by prolate0spheroid

    bauers comment was they wouldnt come up to evans numbers... so there you go..

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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent:
    Heaven (or patsfans) forbid a player who actually tries to maximize his payday.  Do any of you ever consider the fact that tactics being used by the patriots serve to maximize theirs?  Although I don't care for the agent whining, I am more convinced than ever that the pats provided assurances to Mankins that they never delivered on.  I don't fault the patriots for using the tools available to them to keep a player, but I do believe they may have duped this agent and player.  After this, Mankins may no longer be the man of his word he said he was.  The sometimes hard realities of business can cure a person of that idealism.   I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of difficult to detect soft tissue problem hampers Mankins' abilities next year.
    Posted by UD6

    UD6 I read most of your comments and many times you are on track.
    First thing is, Football is a business and no one in here can really comment correctly because no one here has the actual facts of what took place when the contracts were offered Mankins, or what the conversations where between Mankins, BB of Kraft and the agent.
    The one thing I get sick and tired of hearing is, the poor football players have to get the most money they can, what if they have a career ending injury?
    Ok, lets look at that, Mankins gets 10 million dollars and gets knocked out of football. Lets take Joe Bloww off the street making 12 bucks an hour, gets his leg cut off at work and can no longer work.
    Joe Bloww has to sue his employer, pay an attorney 33 per cent of lets say 500k. Joe walks away with 350k to live off the rest of his life
    Poor Mr. Mankins gets 10 million and most likely a contract on ESPN or some radio show making 75 to 100k a year.
    THe truth is ALL football players are overpaid, basketball players, baseball players. THe real truth is its not the owners or the players fault, its the knuckle head fans paying hundreds or thousands of dollars each week to go to games that pay these cry babies. SO when football fans want to really see the problem with football players and owners greeed, all they need do is look in the mirror to see who is to blame! Wouldnt you agree?
    Yeah poor football players huh? Yell
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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    I don't know...
     On then one hand you want to keep proven quality linemen.

    On the other hand..the team did pretty well the games they were without him (6-1 record)..and in my opinion were not any "better" when he came back.

    The offense had just as many successes and duds when he was in there as they did before.

    O successes w/o Mankins         O duds w/o Mankins

            Cinci, Buff, Bal, Minn           NYJ (1), Mia (1), SD

    O successes w/ mankins           O duds w Mankins

            Pitt, Det, GB, mia (2), NYJ (playoff)            cle, ind, nyj (2), chi, buff (2

    These are just based off O stats...YPC.. Yards passing, etc. 

    Also Mankins played in 3 games in which the Pats gave up 3 sacks or more
    and didn't play in 3 games when they gave up 3 sacks or more.      

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    Re: Mankins should fire his agent

    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent:
    In Response to Re: Mankins should fire his agent : So does that mean  1.  Entire contract value?  2.  Years? 3.  Signing bonus? 4.  Average per year?  5.  All of the above?  These are negotiations, the specifics are what are important.  Generalities mean virtually nothing. 
    Posted by UD6

    You're absolutely right here UD6.  Specifics matter. And knowing the specifics (which none of us do) is essential to making any legitimate judgment.  

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