mankins-what will it take?

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    In Response to Re: mankins-what will it take? : I just answered that question.  Faneca was a huge part of what that 12 TD 20 INT performance by Sanchez was hidden during a .500 season. As was Thomas Jones getting the bulk of the carries. They also were leaders in that locker room. NE has issues, but so does every team in the NFL right now.  I'll take continuity, an upgrade at RT and health and go with it. And Tom Brady/Welker as part of my running game. I do question health (as should all fans of all 31 other teams) and playcalling from a newer coordinator. SOme NE fans aren't looking at the connection between predictability and a new coordinator with a 2 year old offense workign agsint the quality of the O Line. Brady gets the rid of the ball well in that offense and 16 sacks allowed is great, but it's not good enough in a one dimensional offense. This will change this year. The personnel they have brought in, loading up at WR, TE, having some young depth and system people on the O Line, some solid depth at RB are all positives, not negatives here. Meanwhile, NY expects Slauson and LT to offset Faneca and Thomas Jones? Is Sanchez better than Brady?   Yeah, see, this is where Jets fans and trolls backpedal.
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    I think you are over assuming.  There are current issues with 4/5ths of the pats line from last year.  I'd tell you last year that there was only a 1/5th issue last year (light).  So his remains.  Neal is fragile. and the other two are currently out. 

    That sounds like a quality problem, continuity problem, and a depth problem regardless of whether or not your are a running team.  By your own admission, the pats offense was the problem in many games.  I don't know how a line in question helps make that better.  
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    Re: mankins-what will it take?

    Alright, I give in, I'll ante up $1.00.  Any one else?
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