Manning v Brady

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    Manning v Brady

    There's a headline on right now which clearly states that Jets- Patriots is no longer a rivalry i'm not sure the exact record but i'm 90% sure it's 2-5, well under this logic how has the Manning - Brady rivalry ever been a rivalry? Brady is 9-4 against Manning which is almost double Sanchez's record v Brady obviously this is because Manning - Brady had occured more than Brady - Sanchez. It's things like this that quite simple prove the NFL is crazy about Manning whilst at the same never really appreciating Brady. Of course when he's on fire like last night they go on and on about how good he is, but how often do they put him top of an MVP poll unless they have to (not that this matters to Brady). When Manning wins an MVP he's had a good-great season (he had one historical season), Brady needs to have a historical one in order to get MVP. It seems to me that the general privacy the Patriots have within their locker room has lowered public opinion of the team on many fronts. As Kevin Bacon said in "A few good men" These are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed!! 

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