Marcus Benard

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    Marcus Benard

    Any chance this guy makes it? He's been getting some rave reviews down there at camp, his story kind of reminds me of Mark Anderson...prior production as a pass rusher, undersized, had a down time and we picked him up when no one wanted him. If we hasn't drafted Collins I'd say yes, he is going to make it, but now I'm not sure. Be interesting to watch in the games - one thing for sure, Anderson proved himself in those preseason games that year - he may of been the most explosive guy coming off the edge I've seen here since maybe Slade's rookie year. I wonder if Benard is the same way?

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    Re: Marcus Benard

    I think you have hit on the right comparison with Mark Andersen. I think it was Reiss or Yates the other day that commented on "one unknown player that is likely to have the most impact on the team this year" and one of the two (I think Field Yates) chose Bernard for the same reasons you cited above. Until then I didnt realize this guy had 8.5 sacks two years ago before injury. Hope he stays healthy and works out for us.

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"

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    Re: Marcus Benard

    In response to russgriswold's comment:

    Yes. I mentioned this a couple weeks ago in a thread where I'd forgotten they took a flier on him. Interesting the only reason he regressed in 2012 was due to a car accident. He had 7.5 sacks in 2010 in the 3-4 in Cleveland. Daboll knows him from his time there, too.

    I don't recall what he did against us in 2010 when we went in there and laid the egg, but the guy has range. Long arms and torso.    Perfect 3-4 OLB. The car accident injuries must have really messed with him enough to force him to miss all of 2012.

    It's hard to envision BB isn't going 3-4 with all these 3-4 outside types in here. I am just wondering if Chandler Jones is big enough to play DE in the 3-4?   Seems like an overload at 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. 

    Collins, Jones, Nink, Benard...that would appear to be 4 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DEs right there...Maybe Buchanan.

    But, yeah, I can see Benard making with experience and odds for a bounce back here. Very much an under the radar player right now in camp. 

    Looking at his pictures he does have long arms - not the height - but the arms and that's a plus. He'll be interesting to watch because I want to see if he's got that Anderson type explosion where I thought to myself right away that this guy was going to help. He would get blown off the ball in run support, but he could bend and explode around that edge.

    I really don't know what type of defense we are going to run, because we have a ton of ends that look like 43 types to me...Francis, Chandler, Bequette, Buchanan...they all look like hand in the dirt guys to me. I don't see our defensive lineman being 34 gap guys either (except for Wilfork). Come to think of it we don't really have many linemen to begin with - just 43 ends and a few unproven tackles who played 43 in college.

    Should be very interesting.