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    Man your all over the place. In one sentence your saying they'll be phased out of the game etc. Then , in another try and claim how valuable they are. Let me make myself perfectly clear. The position is being taken out of the game. It hasn't yet , but just you said , it will be. As for DMC you have to be joking. This defense was absolutely torn apart this year with injuries. We had a Wr playing cb for god sakes. As for Meriweather , what's your point? BB the gm has made some terrible mistakes drafting players. This actually makes my point , not yours. Meriweather was a terrible player here. The guy can't even play in system that plays to his strengths. Dude your making terrible arguments here. LOL Arnt you a dmc BTW.
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    So first you can't understand that the S position is not being phased out of the NFL, nor have you been able to provide anything to support your position and now you don't understand basic sarcasm, rhetoric... this has been a huge waste of my time.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Mark barron

    Good job by the referee to stop the fight. 

    mbeaulieu07 had the guy bloodied and disoriented in the first round.
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    LOL I'm not the one who thinks Eric Weddle is a good player. LMFAO I'm not one who though Meriweather was a good pick and good player. With all due respect you have no idea what your talking about. If you actually watch and understand the game it provides all the evidence one needs. As for evidence , how many S's have been drafted in the first round over the last 5-10 years. If it was such a valuable position why arnt teams going after them? Why are teams taking them off the field and adding another lb or cb? Your the " draft guy " who thought Eric Weddle and Meriweather were good picks , enough said.