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Mark Harrison

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    Re: Mark Harrison

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    red shirt him, have him add 15 lbs , increase his strength and blocking ability, and make him the move TE in our offense taking over herns spot for next year. 



    That's not a bad idea. He is said to be a solid blocker, however, there is a huge jump from WR blocking to TE blocking and it might not be worth ruining a young talent with those triangle numbers in an attempt to move him to a new position. I would say red shirt him and have him work on his hands, maybe drop 10 lbs and gain even a bit more speed for an outside receiving threat with great size. It's really hard to be even an average blocking TE in the pro's so I'd rather attack something fixable (hands) than trying to force him into a new role.




    True. If both Dobson and Boyce emerge with amendola signed long term, and Edelman plus others in the mix, I don't see a place for him At WR..unless one or two of the mentioned doesn't work out. Less Gronk and to a degree the unproven sudfeld , we could get more athletic at the TE position. Hern e wasn't a great blocker but he could block and was uncoverAble. Harrison is bigger, height wise and more athletic than Hern, and as a TE, there might be a shorter path for him if he is already a good blocker rather than learning how to catch as a WR. Hern caught a lot with his body too, and I remember more than a few drops when he tried to extend his arms. 

    Just saying..if the kid isn't going to play due to Dobson and Boyce, maybe we retool him? Who knows. He probably won't make the roster anyway. 

    Uncoverable seems like a huge exaggeration for Hernandez. I think he was talented and still had a lot more potential than he had shown, but we need to be realistic about who he was. He was the second best TE on the team, and last year was 4th best pass catcher on the team (behind Welker and Lloyd as well). He had a low yards per reception for a guy with his athleticism (his 9.5 ypc was 110th amongst qualified receivers), and a problem staying healthy (10 missed games in three years).

    Perspective people.

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    Re: Mark Harrison

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    There are plenty of UDFA's who make other teams. In fact most years around 60 (or an average of two per team) make NFL rosters.


    That's my point. Most of these kids have issues like stones for hands, fumblelitist, tunnel vision coiming out of college and that's one of the reasons they go undrafted. Unless youare following the other 31 teams you might never know that some of these UDFAs that go on to productive careers had these types of issues.

    So, going back to your original question "How many guys who had a rep for having bad hands actually got better in the NFL?" I'm sure there are plenty we just never heard of them because we saw the end product on different teams and not the initial unmolded clay