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Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    I dont think that it is fair to compare wins or losses, pre-season, regular season, or post season. This is a true team sport, and there are an impossible number of vairables that go into each win or loss. What I am asking is based on ONE game where you got to see these backups, do you think sanchez could make it on the pats roster as a 2nd or 3rd QB?
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    Most of those players Mallet and Hoyer faced will be bus drivers and bouncers in four weeks. I wouldn't hang my hat too much on last night, it is only PRESEASON.

    You can say the same for Snachez. Mario was experimental on the edge and Andre Johnson watched from the sidelines. And what they got 3 FG's? Those little slants and crossing routed looked pretty and all but wait till the receivers get bumped hard at the line or their timing gets disrupted. then that 2 and a half tons of pass rush will matter. Sanchez got his head hammered on the turf on one of those sacks. He wont be able to live thru a season if he gets hammered like that in the first quarter of every game.

    Also Russ add an (Impressive) next too Matt Ryan.
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    This thread is absurd. Until Hoyer/Mallett play a real defense this conversation should not be had.
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    In Response to Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's:
    Listen, I hate the Jets...& Sanchez's production during the regular season is down right David Garrardish but the guy seems to turn it on when it counts.
    Posted by Red-Doc-Redemption

    You dont seem to understand how much of an insult this is to david garrard.

    Sanchez was the WORST QB in the AFC last year. Below jason camble in Oakland.

    Sanchez's rating was only 10 points higher the Jamarcus Russles rating in his last year.

    Sanchez is an Abysmall Qb with barely sniffing 60% completion rating, He throws WAY to many interceptions.

    here is a list of young Qb's id take of sanchez in an instant:

    Leinhart(you'll laugh, but when he has started hes done much better then sanchez)
    Flynn over in GB

    There are 9 Young Qb's 4 of which are backups currently that id rather have 

    That doesnt even include the Elite guys Rodgers/brady/rivers/P.Manning/shrek.

    Then you have middle of the pack fellas like Romo/Eli/Vick(fragile)/Shaub/Fitz/cutler/Orton

    Jesus i just named 90% the nfl.

    Let me put it this way, only the 49's would be able to use sanchez as an upgradeMoney mouth
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    In Response to Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's:
    Still makes you wonder how such an awful QB plays so well in the playoffs and then post a 127 rating against all world CB McCourty and the best defensive mind that has ever been.  It just doesn't make any sense.  A QB's job is to win games PERIOD.  Sanchez has won 20 some in his first two years, including 4 on the road in the playoffs.  Cry all you want about his low completion %, I'll take the wins.
    Posted by McCheaters

    Yeah and his head coach almost benched him because he was so bad he was costing his team games.

    Put a good QB on the Jets the last two years and they might have a superbowl title.
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    I don't dislike Sanchez at all
    He has the right attitude and is willing to lead.

    But you have a coach that likes to
    brag about how great all his players are when they aren't
    Latest example -his O line!

    As to Sanchez, the biggest reason we hear that the Jets drafted
    Sanchez was coz of hie leadership skills - not his arm or accuracy
    And Sanchez is not accurate - and even had the most dropped INT's 15

    The conventional wisdom is that accuracy generally does
     not get better. in the Jets case they are going to get it
    better with dink and dunk- that is a horrendous offensive scheme;

    Given his arm and the stadium, the jets  may be better off with
    a west coast offense- but i don't think Sanchez is even a Colt Mccoy-
    who looks accurate - (So does the Jets 3rd string qb) And
    Colt has all of the leadership skills that Sanchez is supposed to have

    That said, given the chance.  Sanchez may be able to pull an Eli
    at any given time - Having the best QB does not guantee winning. having the lesser Qb doesn't guarantee losing - but the odds are stacked against you.

    The rest of the Jets have to play at an exceptionally better level than other teams to win, and is the reason that Las Vegas has set the odds the way they have

    Hoyer seems to be more accurate tham Mallet, if something happens to TB
    I will not lose all hope - but our odds are certainly longer- I will still root
    for the best - I would still like the Pats more than the Jets

    I heard on pats Radio that Mallet has not been accurate in practice- i don't know - but give me an accurate QB first. If Mallet is accurate - with his strength- the BB /TB coaching I hope we keep him- but if we don't keep him
    I want him in the NFC

    I don't really care where Sanchez ends up except not as a Pat
    I think the Jets have blown smoke up their fans ass-If they don't winn soon - Rex et al will be run out of town
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    Re: Mark Sanchez vs. NE Backup QB's

    A good QB's job is to win games

    Sanchez's job is to not throw them away.