Very good post! Alot of us Pats fans have been saying this for awhile. I think somewhere along the line Sancheese was built up and marketed to be this top tier QB, and being from USC and all kinda fortified this position. The problem is the facts just don't back up this assertion. In reality Sancheese is a backup QB! And I don't mean thuis in any way as a homer, it just is what it is and all the hyperbole will not change the facts.In Response to Mark Sanchez's Future With The Jets.....:
If the Jets miss the playoffs this season will be a huge disaster, remember how much they've shelled out for the guys on this roster.    The problem is clearly Mark Sanchez the most overrated QB ever to come into the league.   Sanchez had one good year at USC, his only year as a starter, then jumped early to the pro's (although he was a red-shirt junior) and thanks to a weak QB draft class, Sanchez went number 5.    The Jets acted like the last two years Sanchez was Tom Brady in 2001, doing enough to win games while letting the running game and defense take care of business.    The difference is Brady was clutch in 2001, he didn't throw the costly picks.    Sanchez now in his third season, should be playing at a franchise QB level to earn his salary especially with an elite WR Santonio Holmes, a very good possession WR in Plaxico, and a solid TE in Keller.   But Sanchez stinks... luckily for the Patriots.   He has as many career TDs as career INTs, and even worse, from his clock management mistakes the last two games, he lacks an understanding of the game that a franchise QB next season.   After the Jets fail to make the playoffs this year, I wouldn't be shocked to see Sanchez traded to his former coach Peter Caroll in Seattle for a 2nd or 3rd round.  
Posted by DuncanOrange