Maroney = STIFF

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    Maroney = STIFF

    The guy is a bust we are about to clinch the damn game and he blows it he better pray to god we win. Faulk should be the starter. Maroney has never been any good and never will be, a waste of a roster spot CUT HIS @$$.
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    Re: Maroney = STIFF

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    Agreed, but it will not happen now.  There is to much blame to go around to make it seem like it was the fault of one player.
    Posted by jallen3531

    To some extent I agree
    but the whole complexion of the game changed with that ridiculous fumble !! Since Pop Warner backs are taught ball security in the red zone !! We come away from that posession with  that 3 or7 points wewin thegame !! There are other faults on the team but none of them so readily identifiable as Maroney !!
    Let him make his money diving through open windows in a truck !!!     He can do that !! He can't play running back at this level as well as the Patriots need him  too !!!!   However many faults or blame for the loss if you want to improve the team you have to do more than identify the problems you must eliminate them !!